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Early Years Sufficiency

Meeting: 07/03/2024 - Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee (Item 10)

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Jeanette Richards, Executive Director provided an overview of the early years sufficiency report. The report provides information on the work undertaken in the Early Years services since the last report to Overview and Scrutiny, over 12 months ago, in November 2022. The report outlines the progress made in building back the early years offer and the impact of this on the youngest children.


Members were invited to ask questions:


A member highlighted that Early Year’s level of development for Whitefield is deteriorating and SEND is at 9.7 which is around half of the other areas. Members were assured that our SEND cohort of children are slightly below national average (20%) but higher than the Greater Manchester average (15.8%). The focus on early years is to create the best opportunities as possible and rebuild provision with earl years providers. Health Visitor capacity has been one of the issues effecting early years checks and the impact of Covid and young children. Stephen Holden, Interim Director for Education and Skills confirmed that the quality assurance team has been investigating the matter highlighted by a member to understand key schools in the Whitefield area to work with excellence schools in borough to work with those who scored less highly to offer peer support.


Members were assured there is a Prestwich Children’s Centre in contrary to the published report.


Discussions took place regarding the placement of children with suitable providers, member sought assurances on children being placed in suitable provision. Members were informed that officers advised there is not a sufficiency issue but preference of providers does place barriers. The Council provides advice to support parents into early years settings but it is a private market. Nurseries are not required to admit all children and alternatively, parents do not have to send their child to nursery provision.



It was agreed:


1.    Members note the report.

Meeting: 16/01/2024 - Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee (Item 8.)

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Report attached.