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Virtual Head teacher report

Meeting: 07/03/2024 - Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee (Item 9)

9 Bury Virtual School Annual Report pdf icon PDF 780 KB

Report attached.


Gemma Parkes, Head of Virtual School provided an update in relation to the report. The report was included in the agenda pack to all members in advance of the meeting. The report details and evaluates the work of Bury Virtual School from September 2022 to August 2024 and to set out the key priorities for the academic year 2023-24.


Some highlights from the last academic year were:


·         Strong phonics outcomes at KS1

·         Secure GCSE outcomes in terms of progress 8 and attainment 8

·         Expansion of training offer to schools including trauma informed practice, Speech Language and Communication needs and Social, Emotional and Mental Health.

·         Now have a dedicated Speech and Language Therapist

·         Grant for additional tuition for children under the virtual schools

·         Dedicated SEND lead within the team

·         PEP Officer in place

·         Good quality post 16 Support in place

·         Since the publication of the report there is now a post 18 education employment and training lead in place


Members were invited to ask questions and the following was raised:


·         Members were assured projected outcomes are looking more positive for this municipal year but results are not yet final.  

·         Bury School Ofsted rates have improved since the publication of the Bury Virtual School Annual Report and some Children have left schools which required improvement.

·         Persistent absence rates have deteriorated from the same time last year but the service is working with some children who are new into care but there is an action plan in place for all these children.


Members sought assurances regarding the accountability of the Virtual School. Members were informed statutory accountability is to the Corporate Parenting Board and Virtual School Governing Board.


Members were advised 25% of Children were unaware of their personal educational plan however this is due to the service dealing with some very young children sometimes children may be frustrated due to lots of professionals being in their lives.


It was agreed:


1.    Members to be provided with the total number of children who have had a school move this year.

2.    Members of the Committee were invited to inform Gemma Parkes if they wish to be on the Governing Board for Bury Virtual School

3.    Jeanette Richards, Executive Director provided an offer to the Committee for Nick Bell, Secondary Inclusion Lead who oversees children in alternative provision settings and undertakes quality assurance exercises to provide a detailed report back to Committee on this work.




Meeting: 16/01/2024 - Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee (Item 9.)

9. Bury Virtual School Annual Report pdf icon PDF 780 KB

Report attached.