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Update on SEND Transformation Plans

Meeting: 07/03/2024 - Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee (Item 7)

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Michael Kemp, Strategic Lead provided an overview of the presentation provided within the agenda pack.


Key points raised were:


·         Development of the Education Health Care Team

·         Development of SEND support

·         Progress on school placement

·         Reaching out

·         Development around 14-25 offer and Preparing for Adulthood


Members were invited to ask questions and the following was raised:


·         The joining up of the new assessments team and the review team – members were informed both teams have performance meeting with Michael Kemp which have shown performance has improved and they have a single team manager.

·         Redesigning of Local Offer – The offer has been redesigned but there are delays currently waiting for the IT system to upload it.

·         Autism and Dyslexia awareness – many schools wish to attend these sessions and officers are happy with uptake.

·         Graduated approach and early Intervention in lowering EHCP Plans – Members were informed that the approach is not to manage numbers, it is to match need at the right time at the right place.

·         Discussions took place regarding the establishment of new Schools and sufficiency.

·         Members sought assurance regarding the details of Resource Provision places – the school has planned on incremental growth and will increase capacity, an update to be provided to members.


Councillor Farooq and Daniel Lewis, Youth Representative shared support to the SEN Circle of Influence Event that took place on Tuesday 27th February and the importance of a child and young person’s voice in delivery of services.


It was agreed that:


1.    Helen Chadwick be provided with details of schools who have not progressed in the Resource Provision plan within Project Safety Valve.

2.    The report be noted.

Meeting: 16/01/2024 - Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee (Item 10.)

10. Update on SEND Transformation Plans pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Slides attached.