Agenda and minutes

Cabinet - Monday, 13th January, 2020 6.00 pm

Please let us know if you are planning to attend and have any access requirements or other needs which we need to take account of.

Venue: Bury Town Hall

Contact: Julie Gallagher  Democratic Services

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Apologies for Absence


Councillor D Jones


Declarations of Interest

Members of Cabinet are asked to consider whether they have an interest in any of the matters of the Agenda, and if so, to formally declare that interest.


There were no declarations of interest made at the meeting.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 37 KB

Minutes of the meeting held on 11th December 2019 are attached.


Minutes of the meeting held on the 11th December be approved and signed by the Chair.


Public Question Time

Questions are invited from members of the public present at the meeting about the work of the Council and the Council’s services.


Approximately 30 minutes will be set aside for Public Question Time, if required.



        A period of thirty minutes was allocated for any members of the public present at the meeting to ask questions about the work or performance of the Council or Council services.


         Natasha Shears, NUT representative attended the meeting to raise concerns with regards to staffing shortages within the Children’s Services Sensory Needs Team.  The NUT representative reported that service cuts have resulted in reduced capacity within the Team, cancellation of clinics and delays in allocating referrals into the service.  Responding on behalf of the Council, Councillor Tariq reported that a wide scale review of all teams within the Children’s Services Directorate is ongoing.  Councillor Tariq reported that he would provide, outside of the meeting, a full written update responding to the issues and concerns raised.     



Corporate Restructure Proposals pdf icon PDF 98 KB

A report from Councillor Jane Black, Cabinet Member for Corporate Affairs and HR is attached.

Additional documents:


Councillor Jane Black, Cabinet Member for Corporate Affairs and HR presented to Members of Cabinet final proposed changes to the organisation structure.  The final proposals include changes made based on consultation feedback and further detailed analysis.


The report summarises the consultation process; key messages of feedback and associated changes proposed and the final recommendations which affect the Council workforce.  A separate report will be made to the CCG Governing Body concerning changes to the CCG workforce establishment.  On the basis of consultation feedback a number of changes are proposed. 


A detailed implementation plan will be developed, with a view to all changes being complete by the new financial year.


Delegated decision:


Following the recommendation of the Human Resource and Appeals Panel held on the 13th January 2020:


Cabinet agrees to:


1)   To replace the current organisation structure with the four new departments of Operations; Business Growth and Infrastructure; Children and Young People; and Corporate Core Services, alongside the One Commissioning Organisation. The detail of structures in each of the new departments will be brought forward by the relevant Executive Director with a ‘lift and shift’ arrangement in the meantime. As part of this process the posts in scope of departments and the OCO will continue to be subject to review and further proposed moves may be identified, subject to appropriate consultation with affected individuals.


2)   To agree to the establishment of the following posts:


·      Executive Director of Strategic Commissioning

·      An interim appointment, pending the development of permanent capacity, to provide leadership of joint IT arrangements

·      Director of Community Commissioning

·      Children’s Commissioning Lead

·      Chief Information Officer re-established as a joint post with Bury CCG

·      Strategic Partnerships Manager

·      Partnerships Co-ordinator


3)   To agree the deletion of the following posts on the grounds of redundancy:


·      Executive Director, Business Growth and Infrastructure

·      Executive Director, Communities and Wellbeing

·      Assistant Director Strategy, Procurement and Finance

·      Assistant Director – HR/OD

·      Head of HR -  Children’s Workforce

·      Head of Financial Management

·      Assistant Director (Localities)

·      Strategic Lead: Children’s Strategy and Commissioning

·      Head of Operational Community Safety

·      Assistant Improvement Advisor

·      Administration Support Officer (Corporate Policy)


4)   To note the outstanding budget pressure of £103 000 on the Chief Officer budget and to note the corporately managed exercise to reduce costs over the next 12 months


5)   To agree to vary the contracts of all Chief Officers in scope of the emergency planning on-call rota to reflect this requirement.


Reason for the decision:


Outside of the relatively small number of statutory posts, the Council has a wide discretion to create a senior manager structure to reflect the current needs of the Organisation.  The original paper, approved by HRA and Cabinet in September 2019, identified savings of c£760k in relation to the proposed corporate restructure.   



Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework pdf icon PDF 109 KB

A report from Councillor David Jones, Leader of the Council is attached.


In the absence of the Council Leader, the Deputy Leader, Councillor Simpson presented the Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework.  The report sets out progress to date on the commission and preparation of the Framework and delivery plan for Radcliffe.  The framework also sets out the project team approach, proposed timescales, and seeks approval for the first stage public engagement in February, as part of its development.


Delegated decision


Cabinet agrees to:

·            Note progress with the commission and development of a Strategic Regeneration Framework and delivery plan for Radcliffe.

·            Note the extended project team approach to ensure the Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework fully embraces and guides action on wider social and environmental regeneration issues and activity.

·            Approve a proposed first stage public engagement activity scheduled to take place early February 2020 as part of the wider engagement strategy.

·            A draft Strategic Regeneration Framework to come back to Cabinet for full approval prior to detailed and full public engagement. The final draft will be subject to final Cabinet approval.



Greater Manchester's Clean Air Plan - Tackling Nitrogen Dioxide Exceedances at the Roadside - Update pdf icon PDF 834 KB

A report from Councillor Alan Quinn, Cabinet Member for the Environment is attached.


Councillor Quinn, Cabinet Member for the Environment submitted a report setting out the progress that has been made following the Government’s response to Greater Manchester’s Outline Business Case to tackle Nitrogen Dioxide Exceedances at the Roadside, and the implications for the 10 Greater Manchester local authorities in relation to the schedule of work and statutory consultation on the Clean Air Plan.


Councillor Quinn reported that the Government has instructed many local authorities across the UK to take quick action to reduce harmful Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).  In Greater Manchester, the 10 local authorities, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Transport for Greater Manchester, are working together to develop a Clean Air Plan to tackle NO2 Exceedances at the Roadside. 


Delegated decision


Cabinet agrees to:


a)   note progress made to date;

b)   note the ministerial direction under the Environment Act 1995 (Greater Manchester) Air Quality Direction 2019 which requires all ten of the Greater Manchester local authorities to implement a charging Clean Air Zone Class C across the region;

c) agree the need to continue to proceed towards developing the implementation and contract arrangements of a charging Clean Air Zone in Greater Manchester utilising the initial tranche of £36m of funding as required by the ministerial direction / feedback;

d)   delegate authority to the Cabinet member for the Environment portfolio, Cllr Alan Quinn, in consultation with the Executive Director of Operations and the S 151 Officer to determine the preparatory implementation and contract arrangements that need to be undertaken utilising the initial tranche of £36m of funding to deliver the CAZ and other GM Clean Air Plan measures, as set out at paragraph 3.11;

e) note that the report to determine the timings for commencing the consultation will be received in a further report to Cabinet in the Spring of 2020;

f)   note the outstanding need to secure a clear response from the Government on clean vehicles funding asks;

g)   note that Highways England have not been directed to act in relation to tackling NO2 exceedances in the same way as the Greater Manchester local authorities, and that this will leave some publicly accessible areas of GM adjacent to trunk roads managed by Highways England, with NO2 exceedances that are not being addressed by the Highways England plan;

h)   delegate authority to the Cabinet member for the Environment portfolio, Cllr Alan Quinn, in consultation with the Executive Director of Operations to agree the final content and submission of the documents listed in Appendix One for formal submission to the Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU) and note their Publication status;

i)    delegate authority to Cabinet member for the Environment portfolio, Cllr Alan Quinn, in consultation with the Executive Director of Operations to determine any further technical reports for formal submission to JAQU; and

j)    note that Cllr Alan Quinn, Environment Portfolio Holder will co-sign a letter from the GM Authorities to the Transport Secretary asking  to bring forward the launch of a statutory consultation to strengthen rules on vehicle idling.


Reason for the  ...  view the full minutes text for item CA.297


Town of Culture pdf icon PDF 133 KB

A report from Councillor David Jones, Council Leader is attached.


           In the absence of the Council Leader, the Deputy Leader Councillor Simpson reported that Bury had been successful in its bid to become the first Greater Manchester Town of Culture 2020.  It is envisaged that this will raise the regional, national and international profile of the Borough as a cultural destination; embed Culture as a key deliverer of Bury’s Strategy 2030, raise optimism and improve life chances for our residents and promote civic pride, strengthen community cohesion and contribute to health and wellbeing.


Delegated decision


Cabinet welcomes the choice of Bury as Greater Manchester Town of Culture 2020; and agrees to

·         Approve the Council contribution of £40,000

·         Approve the arrangements for implementation as set out in the report.



Appointment of Mayor 2020/21

The Leader of the Council, Councillor David Jones will report at the meeting.


The Chair reported that Councillor Tim Pickstone had been proposed as the Mayor of Bury for 2020/2021.


Recommendation to Council:


That Councillor Tim Pickstone be proposed as the Mayor of Bury for 2020/2021.



For information - Minutes Of Association Of Greater Manchester Authorities / Greater Manchester Combined Authority pdf icon PDF 505 KB

To consider the minutes of meeting of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority held on 25th October 2019 and 29th November 2019 are attached.

Additional documents:


Urgent Business

Any other business which by reason of special circumstances the Chair agrees may be considered as a matter of urgency.