Agenda and minutes

Cabinet - Wednesday, 11th March, 2020 5.00 pm

Venue: Bury Town Hall

Contact: Julie Gallagher  Democratic Services

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Bury Integrated Commissioning Fund pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Councillor E O’Brien, Cabinet Member for Finance and Housing, will report at the meeting.  Report attached.


The Cabinet Member for Finance and Housing presented an additional report following the report considered on 4 September 2019.  In which, Cabinet approved the proposed expansion of the health and social care commissioning pooled budget and the creation of a wider integrated commissioning fund.


The Cabinet Member reported due to the large financial sums involved, it is appropriate to bring the Section 75 and Financial Framework back to Cabinet for formal approval. 


The s75 Agreement and Financial Framework have been shared and discussed with the external auditors of both organisations and is based on documentation already in use over recent years in other localities where similar arrangements exist.  Auditors have not raised any concerns of note.  A variation in financial contributions is allowed for in the terms of the s75 Agreement and Financial Framework and is standard practice in these kinds of arrangements.


              Delegated decision:


              Cabinet agrees to:    

·         Approve the s75 Agreement and Financial Framework

·         Approve a variation in the financial contributions (outlined in the paper) to be made to the pool by the Council and the CCG during 2019/20 and 2020/21


              Reasons for the decision:


              Section 75 partnership agreements provided by the National Health Service Act 2006 allow budgets to be pooled between local health and social care organisations and authorities. Resources and management structures can be integrated and functions can be reallocated between partners. The legal mechanisms allowing budgets to be pooled under the section 75 partnership agreement enable greater integration between health and social care.


              Other option considered and rejected:

              To reject the recommendations.



ICT Capital Strategy pdf icon PDF 110 KB

Councillor Jane Black, Cabinet Member for Corporate Affairs and HR will report at the meeting.


              The Cabinet Member for Corporate Affairs and HR, presented a reported which provided details of a proposal to fund a three year Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.


              The Cabinet Member reported that the ICT Capital Programme was approved by Full Council in February 2019 to support the Corporate Transformation Plan and to facilitate the delivery of a new programme of investment in technology and digital services.


              Of the £10 million agreed in 2019, just over £2m has been spent on essential remedial work to improve the security and stability of our ICT infrastructure.


Cabinet is requested to support the next phase of the programme through the purchase of a three year Microsoft Enterprise Agreement to enable the Council to transition from Office 2013 to Office 365, thereby creating improved ways of working and further the potential for integration with the Clinical Commissioning Group


              Delegated decision:


              Cabinet agrees to:

              Approve the decision to use the ICT Capital Programme to fund a three year Microsoft Enterprise Agreement through appropriate procurement routes.


              Reasons for the decision:


              The cost of licences was an initial consideration when the ICT reserve was created.  It is anticipated that, dependent on the final specification, the cost will be up to £2m and this can be met from the funding already available.


              Other option considered and rejected:

              To reject the recommendations.



Radcliffe Regeneration Update pdf icon PDF 164 KB

Councillor David Jones, Leader of the Council, will report at the meeting.  Report Attached.

Additional documents:


The Cabinet Chair and Leader of the Council, Councillor David jones, presented a further Radcliffe Regeneration Update.  The report provides an overview of the on-going regeneration commitment in Radcliffe, including progress of the Radcliffe Regeneration Action Plan.


              Delegated decision:


              Cabinet Agrees to:

·  Note progress with the Radcliffe Action Plan works to date (as set out in this report and Appendix 1);

· Approve delegation for approval of spend for the remaining monies (circa £170,000) committed to the implementation of the Action Plan (including the shop fronts improvement scheme and parking management scheme) to the Director of Economic Regeneration & Capital Growth in consultation with the Leader, as portfolio holder for regeneration;  

· Note the progress with the development of a Strategic Regeneration Framework for Radcliffe;

· Note the longer term intention to create a Council Investment Fund to support interventions during the Strategic Regeneration Framework delivery programme. A further report will be brought to Cabinet setting out details of the proposed capital fund.


              Reasons for the decision:


              It is important that the capital expenditure position is regularly monitored to ensure that the priorities of the Council are being delivered. The SRF will provide the context for future development and allow its full economic, social and environmental potential to be achieved.


              Other option considered and rejected:


              To reject the recommendations.



Urgent Business

Any other business which by reason of special circumstances the Chair agrees may be considered as a matter of urgency.