Agenda and minutes

Health and Wellbeing Board
Thursday, 28th January, 2016 6.00 pm

Venue: meeting Rooms A&B Bury Town Hall

Contact: Julie Gallagher  Democratic Services

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Declarations of Interest

Members of the Health and Wellbeing Board are asked to consider whether they have an interest in any of the matters on the Agenda, and if so, to formally declare that interest.


Councillor Simpson declared a personal interest in respect of all items under consideration as an employee and Clinical Lead for Quality for Salford Clinical Commissioning Group.



Minutes of previous meeting pdf icon PDF 62 KB

Minutes from the meeting held on the 17th December are attached.


The minutes of the meetings held on 28th January 2016 were submitted.


Delegated decision:


That approval be given to the minutes of the meetings held on 28th January 2016


Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 65 KB

·         HWB.571 – Pollution Levels in Bury; information requested by the CCG


·         Forward plan attached.



Additional documents:


That the action log be noted.


Adults safeguarding report pdf icon PDF 53 KB

Amanda Symes, Safeguarding Adults manager, Bury MBC will be in attendance.  Reports attached.

Additional documents:


Jo Marshall, Chief Inspector, Bury Division attended the meeting to present the Adult’s Safeguarding Board Annual Report 2014/15.  The report had been circulated prior to the meeting and contained the following information:


·         Decrease in the number of safeguarding alerts received year on year.

·         An increase in the number of alerts which have converted to investigation

·         A 600% increase in the number of deprivation of liberty orders, which is putting s considerable strain on resources.


The Chief Inspector reported that the Prevention Strategy was launched in 2014 and has three key priorities:


1.   Ensure that people that use the Local Authority services have the right to personal autonomy, which is respected and underpinned by proportionate risk management

2.   Support, develop and champion safeguarding initiatives within Bur Communities

3.   Ensure that all organisations have a sound understanding of adult safeguarding with high quality policies and procedures.


Delegated decision:


The report be noted.



Public Question Time

Questions are invited from members of the public present at the meeting on any matters for which the Board is responsible.


Approximately 30 minutes will be set aside for Public Question Time, if required.


In response to a question from a Member of the Public, John Grayson in relation to the proposed new housing development at Radcliffe Civic Centre; the Director of Public Health reported that work is being undertaken to review the specification of all new housing.  The Council’s planning and economic development team is working with public health to maximise every opportunity to improve the health and wellbeing of the Borough’s population, work includes improved building design to improve energy usage.


Councillor Heneghan requested that the Housing Association undertaking the development at Radcliffe Civic be contacted to ascertain what measures they are undertaking in respect of energy efficiency.


Dr Patel responded to a question from Ian Henderson, UKIP representative in respect of changes to physiotherapy services in Radcliffe.  Dr. Patel reported that the proposals in respect of physiotherapy services were discussed at the Health and Wellbeing Board and a special meeting of the Health Overview and Scrutiny committee.   Councillor Shori reported that the CCG had undertaken a great deal of work to mitigate the initial impact of the proposed changes.  Services will remain in the local community and access will be standardised across the Borough.



Health Trainer & Stop Smoking Service update pdf icon PDF 64 KB

Fiona Hayward, Senior HR Officer, Bury Council will present at the meeting.  Report attached.


The Health and Wellbeing Board considered a verbal presentation from Fiona Hayward, Strategic Lead.  The presentation contained the following information:


The Health Trainer Team, and the Stop Smoking Team became part of the Department of Communities and on 1/7/15. The teams are now being referred to as the Lifestyle Service.


A new suite of leaflets were designed and printed for the current modules that are delivered by the teams in the Lifestyle Service: -


·         Sleep

·         Breastfeeding Support

·         Weight Management

·         Healthy Eating

·         Stop Smoking

·         Expert Patient Programme

·         Overarching generic leaflet detailing the full Service offer.


The updated leaflets appear in GP surgeries, local Hospitals and public buildings. The Service relies heavily on marketing material and is the main way that customers find out about the service.


In addition to the leaflets, a new facebook page and Twitter account have been set up to ensure there is consistency with the Lifestyle Service brand.


The Chair invited questions.


In response to a question from the Chair, the Strategic Lead reported that the clients will be recruited using a variety of means, there were 470 referrals into the service in the last financial year.


The Director of Health commended the Strategic Lead and her team for the work undertaken since the service transferred into the Local Authority.


Delegated decision:


That the presentation be noted.


Working Well Update pdf icon PDF 96 KB

Tracey Flynn – Strategic Planning and Economic Development, Resources and Regulations will report at the meeting.  Report attached.

Additional documents:


Tracey Flynn – Strategic Planning and Economic Development Officer attended the meeting to provide members with an update in respect of the working well programme.  The presentation contained the following information:


The Working Well Pilot Programme began in March 2014 and is a high profile co-funded service between GMCA and Whitehall, designed to tackle high levels of workless residents across Greater Manchester.  It was designed to demonstrate that the ten GM local authorities can/will work together with providers, local public services and businesses to integrate support in a way that avoids duplication and creates a structured pathway into employment.


The Working Well Expansion programme will change how skills, health and employment services function together, by offering a seamless, co-ordinated and sequenced package of support for eligible workless residents.   Evidence from the Working Well Pilot has shown that there are a number of consistent barriers that prevent clients entering employment.  Poor mental health is the main barrier with 68% of clients stating mental ill health is the primary reason they are not in employment, whilst 54% cite lack of appropriate skills as the main barrier.  



The Working Well expansion will consist of three separate elements:

·         Personalised Support Service – Key worker Model

·         Mental Health Talking Therapies Service

·         Skills for Employment Service

It is projected that over the course of the programme 50,000 Greater Manchester residents will be referred to the programme.  (15,000 in phase 1). In addition Bury is one of three pilot areas (Manchester. Tameside and Wigan) that will test GP referrals to the Working Well expansion.   It is the intention that this will build upon the work undertaken under Healthier Radcliffe and the Staying Well Team.


In response to a Member’s question, referrals will be made from Job Centre Plus and the client’s first meeting is mandatory.  The Strategic Planning and Economic Development Officer reported that Ingenis will provide the service.  The service level agreement stipulates that Ingenis will support the client throughout their first year in work.


Delegated decision:


That the Strategic Planning and Economic Development Officer will provide the Health and Wellbeing Board with an evaluation report in respect of the success of the Working Well initiative.  The report will include; the number of client assisted and the type of work undertaken as part of the working well programme.



Identification of Military Veterans in order to Understand and Quantify their Health Needs pdf icon PDF 75 KB

Dr Robin Jackson will be in attendance.  Report attached.


Dr Robin Jackson attended the meeting to brief the Board on the role of the NHS Armed Forces Network (North West) and the Report by the Forces in Mind Trust and its implications for the Board’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.


Dr Jackson reported that there are over 13,000 military veterans in the Borough and 5000 of them are over 65.  It is notoriously difficult to collect data in respect of military veterans; veteran status is not routinely recorded; veterans are often dispersed and sometimes they can be reluctant to identify themselves as military veterans.


Dr Jackson asked that the Board considered adopting the following recommendations in respect of military veterans:


1. Targeted and intelligent use of data and information veterans and their family members need to be routinely identified and included in health and social care data collection as part of a targeted and intelligent approach to assessment of their mental and related health needs.

2. Appropriate and sensitive evidence based services responding to the needs of veterans and their family members requires services that are sensitive to their identity and culture and provide evidence based interventions as part of an appropriate care pathway.

3. Involvement and participation of veterans and family members assessing and responding to the mental and related health needs of veterans and their family members should be done with their active involvement and participation.


The Director of Public Health reported that data in respect of military veterans is contained with the JSNA.  The Board are in the process of overseeing the re-development of the JSNA and would welcome any comments that would enhance and improve the information available in respect of military veterans.


The Chief Operating Officer Bury CCG reported that the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust provide exceptional support to military veterans and representative from Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust should be invited to attend a future meeting.


Delegated decision:


Representatives from Pennine Care Foundation Trust Military Veterans service will be asked to attend a future meeting of the Health and Wellbeing


Drug and Alcohol Strategy Report pdf icon PDF 81 KB

Ann Norleigh Noi Strategic Planning & Development Lead (Substance Misuse & Tobacco Control), Bury MBC will be in attendance.  Report attached.


Ann Norleigh-Noi Strategic Planning & Development Lead attended the meeting to provide members of the Board with a verbal presentation in respect of the recently updated drug and alcohol strategy.  A covering report had been circulated to members and contained the following information:


The strategy is an attempt to reclaim addiction treatment and recovery as a social issue that has its solution in communities and will support people in long term recovery to change their behaviour, and for the council to develop an asset based community support model for recovery from addiction.


The primary outcomes from our investment in addiction and other ancillary services should be about social integration - employment, healthy living, housing support and looking after children.


The strategy has been developed following the three key themes from the National Drug strategy (December 2010);


·         Reducing Demand

·         Restricting Supply

·         Building recovery in Communities


The strategy will incorporate the three key themes of the national strategy and key local objectives. This will inform the strategic direction to address substance misuse, and ensure that ‘Recovery’ is pivotal to all interventions and cross cutting issues.


An action plan has been developed with key partners who will ensure that cross cutting themes are robustly linked to this strategy, for example, Children’s Trust Board and Community Safety Partnership Strategies. 


The strategy will be owned by Team Bury, recognising that the outcomes of this strategy contribute to all three Team Bury Priorities; Health and Wellbeing, Stronger Economy and Stronger, Safer Communities.


In response to a question from the Chief Operating Officer Stuart North, the Director of Public Health reported that a real focus for herself and her public health colleagues is lobbying for a minimum unit price of alcohol.


In response to Board Member’s comments in relation to their role in overseeing the strategy: the Strategic Planning & Development Lead reported that a monthly report would be submitted to Public Health England as well as reporting into a Substance Misuse Partnership Delivery Board.  The strategy forms part of the overall work and oversight of the Board in delivering the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


Delegated decision:


The report be noted


Carers update pdf icon PDF 77 KB

Laura Maguire, Carers in Employment Officer, Bury MBC will be in attendance.  Report attached.

Additional documents:


Laura Maguire Carers in employment officer attended the meeting to update members on the The Bury Carers in Employment pilot.  The pilot aims to support working carers who support family or friends to access services, information, advice & guidance and measure the impact of assistive technology when used to support the carer and their family member.


The pilot will:

          Support carers to remain in employment through the use of assistive technology

          Generate an evidence base to scrutinise the use of assistive technology

          Engage with and support employers to review workplace policies and procedures

          Align carers  and employers with wide-ranging information, advice and support

          Understand and tackle the issues that working carers face locally

          Raise the profile of the carers agenda – identifying carers not currently accessing any support

          Encourage collaborative working of local and regional services


The Chair invite questions from those present at the meeting and the following issues were raised:


In response to a Member’s question the Carers in employment officer reported that a relatively small number of employers have engaged in the programme.  Work will continue to engage with employers.


Delegated decision:


The report be noted.



NHS England Quarterly Commissioning Report

Rob Bellingham, Nhs England will report at the meeting.  Report will be sent to follow.


The NHS England Quarterly Commissioning report was submitted.  Ben Squires Head of Primary Care Operations identified the following key themes within the report:


·         Vulnerability of recruitment of GPs is an issue nationally but not in Bury

·         Concerns with dental access levels in Bury, initiatives being put in place to address this including some non-recurrent funding

·         92% satisfaction level with dentist in Bury

·         Pharmaceutical need in Besses ward is currently being addressed


The Director of Public Health reported that in response to concerns raised in respect of dental services in Bury, a great deal of work is underway in respect of oral health improvement.


The Chief Operating Officer reported that the CCG have undertaken a comprehensive assessment of the workforce returns in order to gather data about the number of GPs that are due to retire. 


Delegated Decision:


The Head of Primary Care, Operations, NHS England would forward to democratic services an update in respect of the new pharmacy provision in Besses ward; details of the non-recurrent investment in Bury in respect of dental access and NHS England’s plan for Healthy Living pharmacies.



Devolution Manchester Update

Stuart North, Chief Operating Officer, Bury Clinical Commissioning Group will provide members with a verbal update at the meeting.


Chief Operating Officer reported that £450 million of transformation funding has now been agreed to deliver the Devolution Manchester proposals.  £60 million will be made available in the first year.  Partners and stakeholders must apply for funding.


Delegated Decision:


The next Board meeting due to be held on the 3rd March 2016 will be a Devolution Manchester themed meeting, the following items will be considered:

·         Devolution Manchester Update – Stuart North to report

·         Greater Manchester Primary Care Strategy – NHS England/Dr. Patel

·         Public Health Memorandum of Understanding – Lesley Jones

·         Children’s Services Devolution update – Mark Carriline


Urgent Business

Any other business which by reason of special circumstances the Chair agrees may be considered as a matter of urgency.


There was no urgent business reported.




Additional documents:


Copies of minutes from the following Sub-Groups were submitted for information:


Housing Strategy Programme Board – 24 June 2015

Carbon Reduction / Carbon Change Board – 28 August 2015

Bury Integrated Health and Social Care Board - 21 October 2015

Children’s Trust Board -5 November 2015


There was no urgent business reported.