Agenda and draft minutes

Health and Wellbeing Board
Thursday, 20th February, 2020 5.30 pm

Venue: Bury Town Hall

Contact: Chloe Ashworth  Democratic Services

No. Item


Declarations of Interest

Members of the Health and Wellbeing Board are asked to consider whether they have an interest in any of the matters on the Agenda, and if so, to formally declare that interest.


Councillor Simpson declared a personal interest in all matters under consideration as an employee of the NHS.



Minutes of previous meeting pdf icon PDF 71 KB

The minutes of the meeting held on 20th November 2019 are attached.



It was agreed:


1.   The minutes of the meeting held on the 20th November 2019 be approved as a correct record.



Intermediate Care Review pdf icon PDF 465 KB

Adrian Crook, Assistant Director of Adult Social Care will update at the meeting. Report Attached.


Adrian Crook, Assistant Director of Adult Social Care provided a report that highlights progress against the review of Intermediate Tier Services in Bury


Intermediate care services support people in the community, helping to promote independence and providing care, therapies and rehabilitation on a short term basis only. It was outlines that people in Bury do not have the same opportunity to access home based intermediate care, compared with other areas in the country. This review aims to change that and provide more opportunities for this service. Service areas included in the scope of the review are; Intermediate Care Nursing (bed based); Intermediate Care Social Care (bed based); Reablement (non-therapy social care home based) and Discharge to Assess (social care PVI sector bed based).


The Board were informed that Bury currently offers 74 beds that provide Intermediate Tier Care, yet the average occupancy is 75%. This demonstrates that 18 beds were not used. Therefore, a new model demonstrates that a reduction in beds of 25 using bed-based and reablement more efficiently delivers an extra 10 episodes of care a month and 123 over the course of a year. This is a principle aim of the project; to maintain or increase the number of episodes on intermediate care delivered.


Councillors were then invited to ask questions of which the following themes were discussed:


Discussions took place regarding obtaining public choice on where they may wish to receive services. The Board were informed that a consultation on the detailed proposals will be undertaken for a period of 4 weeks, from 01st June 2020 to 30th June 2020 and within this there is an expectation that the public will inform decisions that may be made.


It was agreed:


That the report be noted.



Mental Health Update pdf icon PDF 343 KB

Kez Hayat, Bury CCG to discuss at the meeting. Report attached.


Kez Hayat, Bury CCG presented a report that highlighted progress against the delivery of Bury Mental Health Framework developed in October 2019, following a stakeholder event. A community engagement project was commissioned from the VCF sector, to inform the priorities of the framework.


The Board were advised that developing integrated approaches to mental health is a key priority for Bury. Historically mental health care has been disconnected from the wider health and social care system. The new ‘Thriving in Bury’ mental health framework was adopted for developing an integrated approach. This quadrant model covers 'Coping and Thriving’, ‘Getting Help’, ‘Getting More Help’ and Risk Management and Crisis Support’.


Four project groups have now been established, with a lead supporting officer for each area. These groups will review Community Engagement findings and agree from the list of actions which are priority to develop.


The Board requested to seek assurances that there was involvement of Schools and money from Greater Manchester has been received for Children’s mental health and this is being picked up through the ‘I Thrive’ Model.




It was agreed:


1.   Project Groups Terms of Reference and Membership and the review of intelligence to be brought to a future meeting.

2.   The update be noted.



Child Death Overview Panel - Annual Report Recommendations pdf icon PDF 55 KB

Lesley Jones, Director of Public Health will report at the meeting. Report attached.


Lesley Jones, Director of Public Health provided an update to the Board. At the Health and Wellbeing board on the 20th November 2020 the Child Death Overview Panel annual report findings were presented. The board requested an update on progress to date.


It was agreed:


1.   The report be noted

2.   The Board endorses ongoing work to address and prevent child deaths and to support those bereaved.



The Bury System urgent care review and re-design brief pdf icon PDF 233 KB

Nicky Parker, Programme Manager, Urgent Care Review will report at the meeting.


Nicky Parker, Programme Manager and Dr Jeff Schryer, NKS Bury CCG Chair, provided an update on the current review and re-design. All responses will form a final report to the Strategic Commissioning Board to make a decision on 23rd March 2020 with final responses due by the 9th March 2020.


It was agreed:


1.   The report be noted.



Coronavirus Update

Any other business which by reason of special circumstances the Chair agrees may be considered as a matter of urgency.


It was agreed that further to the published agenda, this item be considered to ensure Board Members are briefed.


Lesley Jones, Director of Public Health provided an update and gave assurances about work that is being done to reduce the likelihood and impact of the Coronavirus on local residents.


The Board were advised pods are in place at hospitals and public awareness of the virus is heightened with fear levels dropping.


Lesley Jones was thanked for her leadership in this area which highlighted the power of the OCO and LCO coming together.


This item lead into discussions regarding publicity on increasing uptake of the Influenza Vaccine to assist with the reduction of Flu cases.


It was agreed:


1.   That all officers ensure their business continuity plans consider what should happen in the event of staff sickness or isolation due to the virus.

2.   An update on Vaccine Immunisation to come to the next Health and Wellbeing Board.