Agenda and minutes

Youth Cabinet
Monday, 23rd April, 2018 5.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Town Hall. View directions

Contact: Andrea Tomlinson  Democratic Services

No. Item



Councillors on the Youth Cabinet are asked to consider whether they have an interest in any of the matters on the agenda and if so, to formally declare that interest.


There were no declarations of interest made at the Meeting.


Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 56 KB


It was agreed:


That the Minutes of the Last Meeting held on 12 February 2018 be approved as a correct record



Members of the Youth Cabinet are asked to discuss how future meetings can be improved. Venue of the meetings etc.


Those present were asked to consider how the Youth Cabinet Meetings were structured.


It was explained that the Chair of the Youth Cabinet and the MYP and deputies had agreed the agenda and would be happy if Members suggested items for future meetings.


The young people present were asked where they would like the meetings to be held and it was agreed that, subject to availability part of the meeting should be held in the Balcony Bar or another room and then the debate in the Council Chamber.




C4L Meetings

Numair, Viktoria and Beth will report at the meeting.


It was reported that the next meeting of C4L (Curriculum for Life) would be taking place at the New Kershaw Centre on 3 May. All those present were encouraged to attend.


C4L Survey/questionnaire


The Members of the Youth Cabinet split into groups and were asked to prioritise the following issues for C4L:-


Financial Aid


First Aid

Better Trained Teachers

Sustainable Living


All of the groups gave feedback on their choices and the reasons behind them.


It was agreed:


That the feedback be noted.



Numair will report at the meeting.


It was explained that a group of young people had been invited to visit the Stockport Youth Cabinet and spend a day there.


Numair would update the Youth Cabinet at a future meeting in relation to this.


21st Century Councillor - NORTH WEST EMPLOYERS

North West Employers have approached us to ask us for some support with an important project they are involved in.

This project is focusing on strengthening relationships between local councillors and citizens/constituents in positive ways.  The project aims to test the perceptions of what is required of our Councillors of the future that were published in a piece of work called ‘the 21st Century Councillor’:


They are now talking to people around the North West about these ideas.  Do they make sense?  Are they useful? Are they roles which citizens want members to play?  Do members see themselves in these roles?  How can a joint dialogue between members, with citizens, constituents, community and voluntary groups, and officers take place?  How can we focus on strengthening relationships between the different groups in positive ways to enable effective policy outputs and democratic settlements?



It was explained that Bury had been contacted and requested to take part in a project focussing on strengthening relationships between local councillors and their constituents in positive ways. As part of the project, North West Employers were in the process of arranging some focus group meetings to be held locally and had asked if any young people would take part.


It was explained that the meeting would take 2 hours at the most, required no preparation and no follow up.


Any young person interested was asked to leave their contact details which would then be passed on.



The Youth Cabinet will be asked to identify a topic, research and then hold a debate. Access to wifi os available in the Council Chamber so that research can be undertaken.


The young people discussed, suggested and voted on a topic for the debate.


It was agreed that the debate would focus on the issue of abortion in the UK and whether they agreed with pro–choice or pro-life rights in relation to this.


Those present researched the subject, put together arguments in relation to pro-choice and pro-life and held a debate.


Following the debate a vote was taken and the majority of those present voted for pro-choice in relation to abortion rights in the UK.