Agenda and draft minutes

Youth Cabinet
Thursday, 13th February, 2020 5.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Town Hall. View directions

Contact: Mary O'Brien  Democratic Services

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Councillor Members of the Youth Cabinet are asked to consider whether they have any interest in relation to any item on the agenda and if so to declare that interest.


There were no declarations of interest at the meeting.




The Minutes of the last meeting are attached.


That the Minutes of the last meeting held on 10 December 2019 be approved as a correct record.





All those in attendance introduced themselves.


Town of Culture Launch

Chris Woodhouse, Executive Officer, Corporate Core will report at the meeting


Chris Woodhouse presented on ‘Bury the GM Town of Culture 2020’ which was announced by Andy Burnham on 18/12/2019.  In Andy’s words “one of the moment; a powerful, life affirming concept – Bury makes me happy.

Chris gave a short synopsis of the plans for this year, including timelines and events, he shared the plans on how to build on strategies for ‘Bury Happy 2030’, the emerging framework, 5 themes; 10 priorities.

 Happy people, Thriving places, Creative Ideas, Enabling Infrastructure & Enterprising Business.

Chris explained about the Community culture programme , Events,  Early engagement, Evaluation & new culture strategy.

Chris went on to explain the process :-  

      Bid based on performing & visual arts in Bury town centre, building on Victoria Wood’s legacy: “Happy”– Wood’s adjective for purpose of her work

      Brings £160k investment - committed to performing arts festival activity & artist talent development

      External partners & sponsors, further discussions to take place with partners including Ripples of Hope in Manchester, Halle Orchestra, BBc, Science and Industry Museum.

      Next steps to establish a fuller programme by the end of the month, establish a brand, formal governance through Partner Steering Group  Co-Chaired Council & The Met Theatre, and encouragement of holding meetings in our cultural venues during 2020.

By engaging with Youth Cabinet, this platform can be used to get the word out in the public domain, through family, friends & social media.  With this official title, in year one we can build this legacy for this town’s future.

Chris asked the Youth Cabinet to bring forth ideas on how to be inclusive and engage with people and other cultural activities, events in places that you would not normally. He also invited Youth Cabinet to advise him if there is anything at all they think that has not been covered, and to feed ideas back to him.

Bury Pride Badge - Chris advised he is collaborating with Bury College and Holy Cross Art Depts to come up with ideas and he invited Youth Cabinet to explore this also feedback any ideas to him.

Heather Walton advised she had been in talks with Mark xxx – Leisure Services, regarding holding a Youth Festival in Bury and suggested to Youth Council this would be a great event if they were interested in organising and promoting this to feed into the ‘Bury Town of Culture’.  The Youth Council were all in agreement to do this as they advised that their peer group felt disconnected with Bury.

Heather asked Chris if any funding would be available and if so would costings be required?

Chris advised that costings must be provided if funding was required.

Chris asked Youth Council to report back to him on any barriers that they are made aware of as the intention is to be fully inclusive and make every event accessible to every person. We will build on this 3-5 year strategy and feed into Bury 2030.



Transport Devolution Campaign Planning

Jenny Tudor, Transport for the North will report at the meeting.


This did not go ahead – Jenny Tudor did not attend.


Partibridges Project pdf icon PDF 577 KB

Marta Da Costa to provide an update at the meeting.  Update attached.


Marta asked if her colleague Evan could film the presentation.  All present were in agreement.

Marta Da Costa gave a presentation and explained to the attendees that this is a Project Co-funded by the Erasmus & Programme of the European Union, and the aim is :- Put participation of young people at the centre of our concerns. More specifically, modes of recognition imposed by adults, and young people participating in our community.

Marta explained that she is working on a project for Youth Participant Research and she is looking at each country to make a two minute video that will be each country will have access to and the full 10 minute video will be shown at EU Meeting.

A discussion took place reading the integral details and it was agreed that a further meeting would take place to thrash out the ideas.

Youth Cabinet will report to Adele and she will liaise with Marta to arrange another meeting.



Advocate and Inclusion Ambassador Role

Andrew Smith, Advocate and Inclusion Ambassador to update at the meeting.


Andrew Smith gave a presentation on Neurodiversity and gave an insight and explanation of the meaning, he also explained about barriers people are facing daily.  Andrew asked the Youth Cabinet for ideas on how they could champion this with their peers in their school/colleges and encourage supporting the ‘Neurodiversity Celebration Week’, which will take place on 16th March – 20th March 2020.


            Youth Cabinet feedback to Adele/Heather.




Youthforia took place on the 18th January 2020, an update will be given at the meeting.


Youthforia Member not present, it was reported by Rhianon that the meeting

took place in Rochdale 18th January 2020.  Workshops on Environment, what

can we do in 2020? The Environment Conference takes place in March 2020.


Suggestions to Adele/Heather for the next meeting.



POSH Update

POSH Representative to update on Eco Council meetings and the Schools Environment Conference


It was reported POSH meetings 2nd & 4th week of the month. ‘Bury Youth

Climate Group’, now have an official logo.


If any Youth Cabinet member wishes to participate contact Adele/Heather.



The Big Debate


Should we have a Monarchy?


Those present debated for and against the issue and a vote was held.


It was agreed:


            For:                 4

            Against:        5