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Attached is a report from Councillor Gold Cabinet Member for Finance and Communities. Chris Hill, Greater Manchester Police will also be in attendance.


Councillor Gold, Cabinet Member for Finance and Communities provided an overview of the report. In January 2022, Overview and Scrutiny Committee received a report outlining the development of a new Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Plan for Bury. It was agreed that an update report to outline progress against the Plan would be presented to the Committee six months into delivery.


In addition, Chief Superintendent Chris Hill provided an overview in respect of Greater Manchester Police and locally in the Borough of Bury. Chief Superintendent Chris Hill advised the progressive steps have been taken towards the establishment coming out of special measures.


Councillor Vernon then opened to questions from Members of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


Members sought assurances on how Greater Manchester Police will continue to progress when released from special measures. In response Chris Hill, Chief Superintendent GMP advised that more work is needed on repeat demand and using a multi partnership approach to target areas of repeat hotspots.


Councillor Vernon questioned the priorities within the Plan which relate to drug related offending, domestic abuse, community cohesion, anti-social behaviour and reducing offending. It was asked, where does child protection fit, particularly as we have seen in neighbouring areas, Child Sexual Exploitation and what has been put in place to reduce any recurrences. In response Councillor Gold advised a co-ordinated approach is needed to help and protect children and adults at risk through collaborative working across organisations and agencies. In Bury, partner agencies have created all age safeguarding arrangements Chris Hill, GMP provided reassurance to the Committee that a multi-agency approach is taken.


Members sought assurances on how the increased use of buying and selling of Nitrous Oxide will be targeted. In response Councillor Gold advised Bury Council and partners have done community events to raise awareness of the dangers of Nitrous Oxide and influence the publics behaviour. As the cannisters are legal products with a legitimate use it prevents any ban on them being sold. The licensing and regulation teams have visited shops where they have been made aware Nitrous Oxide cannisters are sold to advise on the dangers and to encourage them not to sell to individuals where they feel there is a risk of them being misused. Further promotion of the dangers of such cannisters will be cascaded through schools and colleges as part of the start of a new school year.


In response to questions from Councillor Pilkington regarding hate crime Councillor Gold informed the committee that figures for hate crime have been down over the last two quarters and more detailed figures will be circulated following the meeting.


A discussion took place regarding the water safety and if work can be done to change the message from no open water to safe open water swimming. In response Kate Waterhouse, Joint Chief Information Officer advised that for Spring/Summer 2023 officers will be looking at incorporating a proposal for safer outdoor swimming.


Councillor Peel asked questions regarding increasing neighbourhood patrols. Chief Superintendent Hill responded by stating relationships are key to progress for Bury and the Police Force, Bury Council, Ward Members, and residents working together have resulted in some proactive work taking place regarding road safety. There is a neighbourhood review currently taking place which ensure there is an increase in the number of officers and visibility and a reduction in demand.


Councillor Birchmore asked two questions relating to housing services and it was agreed that a response will be prepared though the Housing portfolio.


Questions took place regarding reducing the number of senior police officers. In response Chief Superintendent Chris Hill advised the purpose of the ‘plan  on a page’ document is to ensure consistency across the Borough.


Discussions took place in relation to the effectiveness of the plan. In response Councillor Gold advised the plan is for three years and acknowledges that community safety is not any one agencies responsibility and needs a multi-disciplinary response. Members were offered an open invite to upcoming community safety partnership meetings.


Discussions took place regarding the night-time economy in Bury and the initiatives that support Bury being a safe and enjoyable place in the evening. The ‘best bar none’ initiative was further discussed, and Chief Superintendent Chris Hill advised it endures safety measures are in place in support people having a safe and enjoyable night and thanked street pastors for all their work.


Information regarding the Anti-social Behaviour Officer took place; he is on a fixed term contract and is an initial point of contact for anti-social behaviour casework. He will be taking statements and interviewing which will free up time for caseworkers who need to attend court.  


It was agreed:


1.    The Committee thanked Chief Superintendent Chris Hill, Councillor Gold, Cabinet Member for Finance and Communities and officers for their attendance and update.

2.    Operation ‘Lioness’ to be circulated to members of the Committee

3.    The holiday activities fund figures to be provided once received.


Supporting documents: