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Report from Councillor O’Brien, Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategic Growth attached.


Councillor O’Brien, Cabinet Member for Strategic Growth provided an overview of the Bury Town Centre Regeneration report. In the update Committee Members were advised Bury does provide a good offer for retail and is third best out of Greater Manchester and assured that Bury does not want to be complacent and that the regeneration should be a physical and people approach to regeneration that focuses on the future.


Councillor Bernstein, echoed confidence and ambition in the plan but sought assurances on capacity to deliver including the flexibility of the plan. In response Councillor O’Brien advised that whilst it is a big piece of work and will take time to be complete, the Council does have the resources needed to deliver along with the ability to be flexible and adaptable.


Councillor Peel raised points surrounding capacity for events and links to the Culture Strategy. Councillor O’Brien highlighted the flexi-hall which adds another layer of capacity to host events and attractions in addition to the offer already from the Met Theatre and additional hotel capacity.


Councillor Peel also highlighted the importance of residents having access to affordable credit, with an example being bringing Manchester Credit Union to Bury. In response Councillor O’Brien advised the Department for Work and Pensions has a Job Centre in the Mill Gate and there is scope to expand this into better access to health, education, and skills to use spaces commercially and adaptably.


Councillor Birchmore sought assurances regarding the offer to new businesses and start-ups along with the SME offer. In response to the questions raised Councillor O’Brien advised the Economic Development Strategy has shown we have some of the best micro-business growth and most people are employed in the Borough within the Health or Retail sectors. The ‘Invest in Bury Service’ engages with businesses and the Made in Bury Service that provides support to businesses along with Greater Manchester support. In summary Councillor O’Brien advised there is a dedicated team that works with our partners to support businesses in the Borough. In addition, discussions took place regarding technology skills and age gaps in the profession. It was agreed that STEM and digital subjects are in demand and whilst the centre in Bury will be focused on health it will also take a digital approach.


Councillor Vernon questioned the numbers contained in report regarding housing. In response Councillor O’Brien informed members he will circulate these following the meeting but outlined the following:



Number of homes



Townside (Pyramid Park)


Townfields Close


Humphrey House


Police station


Castle leisure complex


Site of former Paradise Mill, Parsons Lane / John St, Bury

(Note: Council own reversionary freehold only, privately controlled)




Corner Walmersley Road / Moorgate, Bury (partly Council owned)


Clerke St


The Castle surface car park, Bolton St


Belle Vue Terrace car park



Councillor Walsh sought assurances on the Mill Gate shopping centre and asked how much is owned by Bury council and will this be retained. In response Councillor O’Brien advised exact specifics are hard to comment on but confirmed the Council will retain their stake in the Mill Gate.


Councillor Birchmore highlighted the numbers on Metrolink users have now dropped significantly and questioned how this will impact bury town centre. Discussions took place and it was confirmed it is unlikely to be a detriment to Bury Town Centre and the reduction is typically from less commuters.


It was agreed:


1.    Councillor O’Brien be thanked for his update.




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