Agenda item

Proposed Redevelopment of Fletcher Fold for the Delivery of Specialist Accommodation for Older People Including Those with Long Term Conditions

Report of the Cabinet Member for Housing Services is attached.


Councillor Cummins, Cabinet member for Housing Services attended the meeting to update Members on the proposal to redevelop the Fletcher Fold site. 


In March 2022, Cabinet approved in principle a proposal for Six Town

Housing to redevelop this site for general needs affordable housing, a mix of

affordable rent and shared ownership.

The proposed course has since been reviewed and presented to Cabinet is a revised proposal for this site which will meet the Council’s broader aims.


In August 2022, the Council procured a Registered Provider Partnership

Framework, to maximise the delivery of affordable housing including specialist

accommodation on Council owned land. Six registered providers, have been appointed to the framework.  This report seeks approval to dispose of Fletcher Fold to a registered provider on the framework, for the delivery of a low carbon, specialist affordable housing scheme for older people including those with long term conditions such as a learning disability, to facilitate delivery of the Housing Strategy and generate savings to the adult social care budget.


In discussions that followed the following questions and comments were raised:


·         Councillor Cummins confirmed that this development will be community focused and residents at Millwood Court would be consulted on the plans for the site.

·         Responding with regards to the change of direction for the site; the Chief Executive reported that the recruitment of a new Director of Housing and a detailed analysis of the health and housing need in the Borough has informed the decision to re-purpose the site.

·         Councillor Cummins confirmed that the Council’s preference is for social rent properties.  



That Cabinet:

Approve the proposals for the disposal and redevelopment of Fletcher Fold as

set out within this report, to expedite delivery of the priorities within the

Housing Strategy.

Delegate the finalised terms of this disposal to the Council's Section 151

Officer, Head of Legal Services and the Director of Housing, in consultation

with the Cabinet Member for Housing Services.


Reason for recommendation(s)

·         Facilitate the Councils brownfield first approach to housing delivery and reduce revenue costs for holding, maintaining and securing long-term disused sites.

·         Delivery of much needed, low carbon affordable homes for older people including those with long-term conditions, to reduce the need for more costly interventions and relieve pressures on housing waiting lists.

·         Considerable benefits in health and community care with substantial savings on out of Borough placements and the Council’s adult social care budget.

·         Promote innovation and ensure that the Council meets the obligations of the best value requirements of s123 of the Local Government Act 1972.

·         Retain Brownfield Housing Funding Grant allocated to this site.

·         Create wider social, environmental and financial benefits including additional council tax revenue and the potential to generate a capital receipt.


Alternative options considered and rejected

1. Do nothing: Bury has high levels of need for specialist affordable housing and supply is required in the marketplace immediately. This is a brownfield site suitable for specialist housing in an area of high demand, to do nothing would not be an option.

2. Market the site: This option has been discounted as an affordable housing

scheme for older people would not be delivered by a private developer in the

current housebuilding marketplace.

3 Permit STH to redevelop this site for affordable housing, as per the original

proposal set out within the Cabinet report dated 9 March 2022: This option

has been rejected taking account of the factors outlined in section 7 of the report. In addition, it would preclude other registered providers on the new framework from having the opportunity to bid to redevelop this site and, prevent the Council from obtaining best value for the land in accordance with the requirements of s123 of the Local Government Act 1972.



Supporting documents: