Agenda item

Final Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

The attached final Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment to be presented by Shenna Paynter, Public Health Specialist and Elaine Radcliffe, Senior Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist.


A report completed by Healthwatch explaining the Bury Pharmacy Survey Findings is attached for information.


Elaine Radcliffe, Senior Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist reported that the Health and Wellbeing Board has a statutory responsibility to publish and keep up to date a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA). The PNA assessment has been produced and brought to the Health and Wellbeing Board to be agreed prior to final publication.


Elaine Radcliffe explained that the draft PNA was brought to the last Health and Wellbeing Board meeting held on 7 July 2022. Since that meeting the draft PNA was subject to a 60-day consultation period, which closed on the 13 September 2022. Five responses to the consultation were received, which all agreed with the conclusion of the draft PNA, that there were no unmet pharmaceutical needs in the borough.


Lesley Jones, Director of Public Health highlighted that there is a report within the agenda pack from a survey completed by Healthwatch, which was requested at the last Health and Wellbeing Board meeting. The survey was completed to understand patients experiences of pharmacies, with the results being generally positive.


In response to a question from Councillor O’Brien around how the assessment can be used in regeneration planning, Elaine Radcliffe explained that applications are processed through NHS England, they use the PNA document to see if it is suitable to move or close a pharmacy. A substantial change in the document would mean that the document would have to be re-written, usually the document is re-written every 3 years.


It was agreed:


  1. To thank all involved in producing the PNA.
  2. The Health and Wellbeing Board approve the final PNA report for publication.


Supporting documents: