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Presentation attached. Jane Case, Programme Manager  (Bury), NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care to present at the meeting.



Councillor Tariq, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing began by introducing the item on Children and Young Peoples Mental Health in Bury and the link between Children’s and Health services. Councillor Tariq highlighted multiple joint working practices between health and Children’s services including joint portfolio meetings.


Will Blandamer, Executive Director for Adult Care and Health and Deputy Place Based Lead provided an overview of his role, the work he supports regarding CAMHS and the work on health and children’s services working together. He advised that he jointly Chairs the Children’s Strategic Partnership meeting with Jeanette Richards, Executive Director of Children and Young People, routinely attends the Children’s Improvement Board to support the delivery of the Improvement Plan and a partner on the Bury Children’s Safeguarding Board.


Will Blandamer, Executive Director for Adult Care and Health and Deputy Place Based Lead also passed on notes submitted in advance by Councillor FitzGerald, Chair of Health Scrutiny Committee. He advised Councillor FitzGerald wished to highlight that the Health Scrutiny Committee has had multiple opportunities to review Children’s services in the context of the review of NHS Services. Health Scrutiny ensures a focus on children and young people and currently have two sub committees that both focus on children and young people. Councillor FitzGerald also wished for it to be noted that she will be attending the next Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee.


Jane Case, Programme Manager, NHS Greater Manchester provided an overview of the presentation submitted within the agenda pack.


Councillor Boles thanked officers and Councillor Tariq for their updates and opened to questions.


Councillor McBriar asked what approach Stockport Council are taking to have their reduction in waiting times. Jane Case, Programme Manager advised they have significantly invested in their service. Part of Bury’s plan is to get early help in by ensuring triage is done correctly, needs are met, and children are on the right pathway to begin with.


Councillor Frith questioned how quickly the levelling up investment will take to make an impact. In response Jane Case, Programme Manager advised work has now been done with Pennine and now needs to be taken to a Greater Manchester level, however recruitment is an issue and there is a shortage of staff.


Councillor Rydeheard asked where the mental health support team currently covers. In response Jane Case, Programme Manager advised the team covers 32% of our schools in Bury who will then move on to other schools. Councillor Tariq, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing advised this is typical of all Greater Manchester authorities and is the standard process.


Georgia Murphy, Youth Cabinet representative asked questions about children and young people receiving support, reducing waiting times and how schools without the support are being helped. Jane Case Programme Manager advised referrals can go through at any time and then cases are triaged. The Committee were informed that support for Schools who are not included currently is still available. An initiative around mental health practitioners is being considered for additional support to work with children and young people via self-referral and drop-in services.


Councillor Pilkington raised questions surrounding the petition “Stop children and adolescent mental health services denying support for autistic kids” and asked how much we can influence the support of the services for Bury residents. He also asked what support is available for mental health for an autistic child and if CAMHS now offers this. He welcomed the language used by Jane Case, Programme Manager regarding neurodevelopmental pathways but highlighted that CAMHS website does refer to autism and ADHD as a problem. In response Jane Case, Programme Manager advised work is currently undergoing to see how much in our gift from commissioning level however she assured members she wants to build up the therapeutic level and there is also a need for psychological therapies for children with autism. She confirmed there is work taking place on the wider language used as part of the SEND agenda. Michael Kemp, Strategic Lead advised there is an autism in schools project to bring together the parent community, schools, health and social care to shape how we deliver services in school, and there are plans to grow this provision. Work is happening on the assessments process which is to support children and families whilst they are working on an intervention or diagnosis, by adding in early help. Councillor Pilkington finished by adding; can neurodivergent children be part of the decision making and conversations.


Councillor Farooq questioned what an appropriate waiting time is for CAMHS and what is our aim. In response Jane Case, Programme manager advised that there are national guidelines, but no Greater Manchester team are meeting these guidelines, she did advise a meeting is soon taking place to discuss what our aspirational target should be and this will be provided once decided.


Councillor Boles questioned how the improvements documented will continue; in response Jane Case, Programme Manager advised work will continue to take place and regular contact will be maintained. Michael Kemp Strategic Lead advised work is taking place to create transformation and a legacy between both services.


In conclusion Councillor Boles, Chair praised good growing relationships between children’s and health services and thanked all for their attendance and contributions.

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