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Hub project RIBA 3 design update and enabling works programme summary

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Rebecca Lord, Head of Levelling Up Project Delivery, attended the meeting and presented to members an update on the Radcliffe Hub Project, in particular RIBA Stage 3 - Architectural Design. This included an overview of the design and development, the design brief and its development during the 3 stages prior to submission of the Planning application.


The Head of Levelling up reported that the final stage brief had been informed by the recently undertaken consultation with the public, Service Leads and Elected Members. This was particularly apparent in relation to the subsequent changes to the façade and the public realm areas. The plans will be further developed and incorporated in a RIBA Stage 4 report, this will prioritise the specific internal requirements, as well as procurement and formalisation of contracts.


In considering the presentation and the issues raised the following questions and comments were raised:

·         Responding to a Member’s question in relation to the request for banking facilities within the HUB, the Head of Levelling up reported that it is proposed that there will be discussion regarding the provision of debt support/money management. If subsequently the north block is developed and if the cash machine is part of any demolition, the Council may review if one can be accommodated in the building. Conversations are still ongoing with regards to the possibility of a credit union service operating out of the Hub.

·         In a response to a Member question, the Head of Levelling Up reported that the Market Chamber Offices would be advertised commercially and some initial parties have expressed an interest in acquiring a tenancy. The rental value will be driven by the valuation undertaken post refurbishment.

·         Responding to a question in relation to Market Management, Robert Summerfield, Assistant Director (Regeneration Delivery), reported that the Council are in the process of working up a specification to engage a company to assist with the consultation. As part of this consultation the contractor will review current facilities (including the flexi hall) – once they have completed the work a procurement process will commence. The expected timescale for the consultation work is expected to be 3 months – a further update will be available at the next meeting.

·         The Head of Levelling Up reported that the planning application should be ready to be submitted imminently once the changes suggested by the Highways department have been incorporated.

·         The Head of Levelling up reported that there is no date currently for the commencement for updated public realm consultation, once known she will update Elected Members.

·         The Head of Levelling Up shared with Members an infographic which highlighted the large amount of enabling works that need to be undertaken to progress the work. A number of utility services and other services will need to be diverted, including asbestos removal. Due to the large amount of enabling work required and potential for disruption, Officers within the Council are developing a plan to ensure any concerns/issues could be raised with one point of contact. Once developed this information will be shared with Elected Members.


It was agreed:

1.    An update on the work undertaken in relation to Market Management will be provided at a future meeting.

2.    A verbal update in relation to progress of the submission of the Planning Application will be provided at a future meeting.

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