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Bury Council Corporate Plan 2023/24 - Strategic Framework

Report of the Cabinet Member for Corporate Affairs and HR is attached.


Councillor Rafiq, Cabinet Member Corporate Affairs and HR provided an overview of the report. The report sets out the progress made in 2022/23 to deliver against the priorities set out in the Council and NHS GM (Bury) Corporate Plan. Whilst a final report will be shared with Cabinet at the end of Quarter Four, this summary demonstrates the way in which efforts have been targeted at delivering against the 3Rs which is our framework for contributing the priority outcomes within the LET’S Do It! Strategy. The second half of the report sets out a proposed approach for developing the 2023/24 Corporate Plan.


Members were invited to ask questions.


Councillor Bernstein raised that at Cabinet he raised the suggestion to include the reserves strategy within the Corporate Plan. Councillor Rafiq, Cabinet Member for Corporate Affairs and HR agreed that this will be considered going forward.


Councillor Green questioned if feedback from the Children’s Ofsted visit had been received. Members were informed the report has been received and confirms we are on target with our improvement plan.


Councillor Boroda asked how the Bury 2030 Plan and the Corporate Plan align. Councillor Rafiq Cabinet Member for Corporate Affairs and HR advised the Strategy has helped to develop the Corporate Plan. Councillor Boroda sought assurances that Bury Council is on track to meet the Bury 2030 ambitions.


Councillor Vernon asked questions regarding the People and Communities Plan. In response Lynne Ridsdale, Chief Executive advised it is about working with all public services and community partners in every town with focus currently on Radcliffe and Bury. Each area has been worked with to co-design a set of interventions to engage the communities with the development work so there are changes to connect people to growth. In addition Councillor O’Brien, Leader added when funds are available they have to think about how they link back to the Bury 2030 Strategy.


Councillor Birchmore questioned further on the approaches for Bury and Radcliffe Community Plans and what has been learnt. In response Lynne Ridsdale, Chief Executive advised the two approaches have commonality as they are focused on areas of greatest deprivation in the borough so the commonality is there between the area, but the people are different.


Councillor Green wished to place on record the positive feedback from residents following Lynne Ridsdale’s appointment as Chief Executive.


Councillor Boroda asked how the ‘local’ element of the Let’s Do It Strategy runs though the Corporate Plan and Team Bury delivery. In response members were advised that local is the way we want to operate now and we have a small number of public service teams working collaboratively this way and this will need to now be expanded.

Councillor Vernon questioned the reference to an all-age skills strategy. Councillor O’Brien, Leader advised we should have an all-ages skills development approach and have established and appointed to a role to develop this work and build capacity. Councillor Jones further questioned about support for apprenticeships across Greater Manchester. In response Councillor O’Brien, Leader advised the different types of apprenticeships available, and work is taking place across Greater Manchester. Councillor Jones questioned when the Council is going out to tender has consideration taken place from a social value aspect to have more opportunities to upskill people in the Council or Borough to undertake tasks otherwise external people may be required. Councillor O’Brien responded to state it will be reviewed and included as part of the Social Value Policy.


Councillor Birchmore questioned which partners are being worked with as part of the Skills Development. In response Members were advised Bury College will be a big partner, the Adult Learning Centre, Holy Cross College, local Sixth Forms and Greater Manchester organisations and external training partners.


Councillor Vernon questioned the schemes identified for development and new homes. In response Crispian Logue, Head of Service Strategic Planning advised the 450,000 referred to within the plan is a combined total to be provided.


Councillor Vernon thanked Councillor Rafiq, Cabinet Member Corporate Affairs and HR for his attendance this evening.

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