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Councillor Morris to provide an update. Report attached.


Councillor Morris, Cabinet Member Culture, Economy and Skills provided an overview of the Cultural Strategy. This is the first time Bury has produced a Cultural strategy and Bury has a great culture offer.


Councillor Vernon opened to questions from members of the Committee.


Councillor Birchmore asked questions regarding the cost and production of the Cultural Strategy brochure. In response Councillor Morris, Cabinet Member for Culture Economy and Skills advised that the Council worked with an external partner to produce the strategy which was inclusive of the production of the brochure. In addition, Councillor Morris asked if there are any concerns regarding disability accessibility to inform her and these can be amended to ensure full access in the strategies online presence.


Councillor Bernstein questioned if there is the inhouse resource to deliver the strategy and how will the effectiveness be measured. In response Councillor Morris advised the Council have secured around £0.5million from the UK prosperity fund which will contribute in part to the delivery of the strategy. Some of the funding will secure the inhouse capacity and the other part will go onto the events and planning. There are key performance indicators attached on how the funding is used, for example, a certain number of events must be delivered and they must reach a specific number of visitors.


Councillor Vernon, requested an update on the recommendation from last years Committee regarding exploring funding options for the Art Museum. Councillor Morris advised that the budget included a savings target related to Bury Art Museum and this is to be achieved through greater utilisation. It has been considered as a function room and advisor are looking at the space and market testing the offer of the Art Museum. Donna Ball, Executive Director of Operations advised that Cultural Services will be amalgamated more into other commercial services. There are fortnightly meetings with officers, three-weekly meetings with portfolio holders and milestones and progress are regularly monitored.


Councillor Birchmore questioned if funds are available for community led projects and to localise events in local community centre. In response Councillor Morris advised there is funding available but there are caveats.


Councillor Bernstein questioned how sport plays a part in the Culture Strategy.  Councillor Morris advised culture makes places pleasant places to live and agreed that structural internal changes are to bring leisure services closure to other services as it is important.


Councillor Pilkington raised questions regarding funding through other avenues and highlighted some key issues that arose in Ramsbottom post covid.


Councillor Birchmore questioned what the fourteen thousand pounds was spent on for the coronation’s celebrations. In response Councillor Morris advised it was spent on an art competition with local schools and artists supported this competition. Councillor Morris advised she will send across further information to Councillor Birchmore.


Councillor Thorpe questioned how the strategy balances the heritage of bury and the vibrant future. Councillor Morris advised heritage is a key aspect to Bury and a clear action plan of how this is developed needs to be established.


It was agreed:


1.    Councillor Vernon thanked Councillor Morris and Donna Ball for their attendance and update.

2.    Members note the Cultural Strategy.

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