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A report from the Executive Director (Operations) is attached.


he Executive Director (Operations) submitted a report advising Members on operational issues within the Licensing Service.


The report set out updates in respect of the following issues:


The Licensing Service had dealt with a number of compliance and enforcement

matters between the 13th November 2023 and the 21st January 2024.




On the 15th November 2023, an application to review the Premises Licence at Killon Street Off Licence, 26 Price Street, Bury was considered by members, following a review application made by the Licensing Authority and a representation from Trading Standards. Members resolved to revoke the licence and remove the Designated Premises Supervisor.




The Licensing Service alongside GMP carried out compliance visits on  the 1st

December 2023 to 17 licensed premises. In addition, 1 unlicenced premise was

visited and issued a warning letter under section 136 offences in relation to

unauthorised licensable activities for late night refreshment.   


The Licensing Service carried out visits to 3 shops across the Borough on the

3rd November 2023 alongside GMP and Trading Standards, seized 37 vapes

and a large amount of Alcohol (due to the premises being unlicensed) was also



The Licensing Service carried out visits to 8 shops across the Borough on the

6th December 2023, alongside GMP and Trading Standards with a tobacco dog.

13,000 illegal cigarettes, 6 kilos of illegal hand rolling tobacco and 700 vapes

were seized with further enforcement action to be taken by Trading Standards.


The Licensing Service carried out visits on the evening of the 8th December

2023 to 14 licensed premises on alongside GMP and a drugs dog. A number

of stop and searches were conducted by GMP. No large amounts of drugs were



The Licensing Service alongside GMP carried out compliance visits on the 15th

of December 2023 to 16 Licenced premises. 2 of these premises received

warnings for section 136 offences in relation to operating outside their

authorised licenced hours.


The Licensing Service worked alongside GMP on the evening of the 22nd

December also known as Mad Friday. 13 Compliance checks were carried out

at licensed premises across the borough as well as in the Town Centre. Only

one issue was found with a premises that was asked to voluntarily close, which

it did.




The Licensing Service have been working in partnership with Greater

Manchester Police and the Taxi Trade to develop a taxi driver safety initiative.

The guide included tips, practices and precautions to give the drivers the skills

needed to navigate the roads safely, handle various situations, and help to

minimise the risk of violence and aggression. The initiative was launched on

the 23rd December 2023.Full information could be found on the weblink

provided in the agenda pack.




The Licensing Service had received emails from both the Bury Hackney

Association and from the Private Hire Drivers Association (PHDA). In

summary they thanked the Council for taking positive steps towards driver’s

safety and for policy reviews taken in the best interest of the Local Taxi Trade.

Both of the emails in full were included in the agenda pack.




Following the decision of the Licensing and Safety Committee and Full Council, the Licensing Service had commenced to implement the changes in Policy from the 1th January 2024. Emails had been sent on the 15th & 23rd January 2024 to all licensed drivers, trade representatives and all private hire operators. The contents of the full emails were included in the agenda pack.


Delegated decision:


It was agreed that the report be noted.


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