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Tracy Minshall, Strategic Lead, Strategy and Development, Department of Communities and Wellbeing will report at the meeting.  Presentation attached.


Others officers in attendance will include - Ann Norleigh Noi (Senior Partnership Implementation Officer); Pam Lievesley -  One Recovery Bury (Service Delivery Director for Bury); Anita McWilliam One Recovery Bury (Team manager); Debbie Chadwick – Sodexo Justice Services/One Recovery Bury (Drug & Alcohol Strategy Lead Forest Bank).



Tracy Minshull, Strategic Lead, gave a presentation providing an overview of Bury’s drug and alcohol service.  The aim of the presentation is to give assurance to the health overview and scrutiny committee that the new service provider, Addiction Dependency Solution is providing a quality service.


The Strategic Lead reported that it has been necessary to systematically transform the way drug and alcohol services are provided.  The transformation will aim to break the service users cycle of dependency.  The new service model will be different and will be based on a recovery care pathway.


The Senior Partnership Implementation Officer reported that as part of the procurement process an assessment of the current service was undertaken.  As a result of the assessment, a vision was developed which formed part of the service specification;


Our vision is to commission a drug and alcohol service which is based on local need; adopts a whole system approach to provision; is outcome focused and recovery orientated; and, is responsive to both the needs of individual service users and emerging local trends.”


The Service specification stated that the new provider will:

·         provide the provision of drug and alcohol service for adults in Bury

  Age range: 18 years and over

  Substances: Drugs: including ‘legal highs’, over the counter/ prescribed medications and alcohol.

  Contract duration: 3 years (with the provision to extend for further 12 months)

  Procurement process from: July 2012 to April 2014


The Service Delivery Director reported that there had been a number of challenges in managing the new service and implementing the new service model; the challenges have included, reviewing and adjusting the service model, transfer of staff, data and a change to a recovery model of service provision.


The Drug and Alcohol Strategy Lead, Forest Bank reported that the new system is working well.  Drug and Alcohol workers are able to get involved in treatment at an earlier stage, provide a single point of entry into the service and peer mentors. 


Members of the Committee considered a verbal presentation from an ex service user, who had received help and support from the service to tackle his drug and alcohol addiction.  The service user provided members of the committee with details of his experience of being an addict and the support he had received from the service.  The service user is a peer mentor and helps other service users.


Those present were given the opportunity to ask questions and make comments and the following points were raised:-


In response to a question from Councillor Walker, the Senior Partnership Implementation Officer reported that due to changes in relation to the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System and a transfer of data to Public Health England, there has been a delay in providing up to date performance information.


The Strategic Lead reported that drug and alcohol services for those service users under 18 would be provided by Early Break.


In response to a Member’s question, the Service Delivery Director reported that there is a monthly meeting held at the Carers Centre to provide support for carers of service users.


The Drug and Alcohol Strategy Lead reported that after care will be provided through the Recovery hub as well as via service user meetings,  “bridging the gap” course and with support from Bury Employment and Skills.


In response to a Member’s question, the Service Delivery Director reported that staff numbers have stabilised and the number of agency staff employed has reduced to one.


It was agreed:


1. Ian Bruty ex service user and Peer Mentor be thanked for his attendance and be commended for his recovery and support provided as a Peer Mentor.

2. The Strategic Lead will provide members of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee with an update in September in relation to the Drug and Alcohol Services Performance Data.


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