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Ann Norleigh Noi, Strategic Planning & Development Lead will provide members of the committee will an update at the meeting.  Report attached.



Members considered a verbal presentation from Ann Norleigh Noi, Strategic Planning and Development Lead, Pam Livesey Service Delivery Director, Bury, One Recovery and a current service user in respect of Bury’s drug and alcohol service. 

An accompanying report had been circulated prior to the meeting which contained the following information:


A comprehensive review of the new service was undertaken and as a result it was necessary to systematically transform the way drug and alcohol services were provided.  The transformation aimed to break the service users cycle of dependency.  Key to this transformation was the new service model which was significantly different and based on a recovery care pathway.  The new provider was tasked with carrying out a full caseload audit.


Success so far:

·         The recovery hub

·         Benzodiazepine workers role

·         Gateway programme

·         Key lifestyle Outcomes

·         STRIVE team

·         Task and finish group established to develop a response to the increasing use of new psychoactive substances NPSs


Members considered the performance data provided by One Recovery, Bury.  The completions for opiates have remained steady; non-opiate use continues to rise.  Alcohol and opiate use showed a decrease in successful completions but performance is now starting to increase.


Bury are currently operating at mid-point within the Greater Manchester in terms of completions.  The Strategic Development and Planning Lead reported that in taking into account that the service has undergone a period of significant change, including a change in provider as well as a different operating model, performance continues to improve.


Members of the Committee received evidence from a current service user, a recovering alcoholic.  The service user explained the support and assistance he had received from One Recovery and commended in particular, the holistic approach he had received via the “bridging the gap” project.


Those present were given the opportunity to ask questions and make comments and the following points were made:


In response to a Member’s question, the Strategic Development and Planning Lead reported that the caseload audit has highlighted circumstances in which the package of support offered to service users had been over medicalised, the new approach is to offer a holistic recovery approach.


In response to a member query in respect of the make up of users of the service; the Service Director reported that the majority suffer with mental health problems and misuse substances to disguise the problem.  


The Strategic Development and Planning Lead reported that there is a high level of recreational cocaine use in Bury, predominately at the weekend by people who do not think they have a problem with substance misuse.


In response to a Member query; the Service Director reported that there has been an increase in the numbers of drug related deaths, across the Borough.  


It was agreed:


1.    The officers and in particular the One Recovery service user be thanked for their attendance.

2.   A further update in respect of the Drug and Alcohol service be provided in 12 months and will include information relating to the demographic make-up of the service users.


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