Agenda item


Chris Woodhouse, Improvement Advisor, Bury MBC will report at the meeting.  Report will be sent to follow.


Chris Woodhouse, Improvement Advisor attended the meeting to provide members with an update in respect of the devolution proposals.  The presentation contained the following information:


Bury Council’s approach to Devolution Manchester in respect of social care perspective will focus on the following areas:

         Asset based approach

         Prevention and Early Intervention

         Contact, assessment and referrals

         New models for care at home

         Residential and Nursing care

         Support for carers


         Transforming services for people with Learning Difficulties


The Locality Plan is Bury’s response to devolution.  It outlines proposals for Health and Social Care Services in the Borough for the next five years and concentrates on the following areas of work; the redesign and improvement of services; moving services into the community; prevention and early intervention; helping people to self-care.


The Locality plan is one part of the Devolution agenda other areas of work include; the development of the Local Care Organisation, One Commissioning Authority and Bury’s continuing role in the North east sector (the Pennine Acute footprint).


The Chair invited questions from those present and the following points were raised.


Members of the Health Scrutiny Committee discussed the proposals to create a City of Manchester Single Hospital Trust.  Members of the Committee expressed concerns with regards to the proposals and in particular the viability of the Pennine Acute NHS Trust if North Manchester is transferred into the newly created Trust.  Members discussed problems in respect of patient pathways, impact on the management structure and financial arrangements.


Members of the Committee sought assurances that as NHS Colleagues attempt to reduce demand on Urgent Care services while at the same time moving services into the Community that the patient pathways and the services provided are fully integrated and data is shared between stakeholders.


In response to a question in respect of inpatient bed numbers, the Improvement Advisor reported that work is underway in respect of the number and type of

beds across Greater Manchester.  The Improvement Advisor reported that there is a mixed picture of in-patient bed provision across Greater Manchester.


In response to a Member’s question in respect of the growth in the number of obese patients and the need to ensure that there is still the capacity in the acute sector to accommodate their needs; the Improvement Advisor reported that prevention work and in particular neighbourhood working will help to alleviate some of the demand.  Members discussed the prevention agenda and that there is a need to try and tackle these issues as early as possible however this will not be a quick fix.


Members of the Committee discussed the funding arrangements for General Practice in light of the devolution Manchester proposals as well as other changes in particular the agreement between the CCG and the Local Authority to set up a joint commissioning organisation.   


It was agreed:


1.   Chris Woodhouse, Improvement Advisor be thanked for his attendance.

That a representative from Bury’s Clinical Commissioning Group be invited to attend a future meeting of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee to discuss the funding arrangements for General Practice.