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Sign off - Local Transformation Plan for Children and Young People Mental Health and Wellbeing

Michael Hargreaves, Bury Clinical Commissioning Group will report at the meeting.  Reports attached.


Michael Hargreaves Senior Commissioning Manager, Bury CCG attended the meeting to provide members with an update in relation

The Children and Young People’s Local Transformation Plan for Mental Health and Wellbeing is a “live” document which is required to be refreshed on an annual basis.


Given the substantial rewrite of the LTP in March 2017, which was approved by Health and Wellbeing Board in 2017 and 2018, it is recommended from the Bury LTP Implementation Group that the refresh for this year will be a lighter touch with updates for the most part limited to:


  • The Action Plan
  • Activity, Resource and Finance
  • Monitoring and Measurement


This approach has been mirrored by the majority of other CCGs in Greater Manchester. 


The Senior Commissioning manager highlighted to Board members the following associated risks:


  1. Delivery of identified schemes to ensure full and effective use of transformation financial allocations for 2019/20 and beyond. The CCG and LTP Implementation Group will need to work with wider partners to ensure timely delivery of agreed schemes and effective and timely use of the available resource.


  1. There is a risk that some of the roles identified for investment may not be straightforward to recruit into. This risk is considered to be moderately low by our core providers but may require alternative planning if recruitment issues materialise.


  1. There is a risk that due to resourcing challenges throughout the system some GM workstreams will not progress at the pace originally intended. This is being mitigated to an extent by the employment of a GM CYPMH Commissioning Lead on a full time contract. 


Questions were invited from those present and the following issues were raised:


Members raised concerns in respect of support provided to and in schools in the Borough. Responding, the Senior Commissioning Manager reported that the local development plan will improve capacity and knowledge in the system as well as providing a commitment to provide advice and support via the Healthy Young Minds service to those working in schools.


The Commissioning Manager reported that a commissioning strategy will be developed for all stakeholders, the strategy will include how services link together.  The Commissioning Manager acknowledged that service provision is not always seamless and there is confusion, as to which services are provided and by whom.


Members discussed the national target for treating children with a diagnosable mental health condition and the CCGs indicative trajectory of at least 32% of patients receiving treatment from an NHS community funding mental health service.  Responding the Commissioning Manager reported that this figure is only indicative and not a measure of the full range of support provided by other partners, including Healthy Young Minds and Early Break. 


It was agreed:


The Board agrees to:

·         Acknowledge that the refreshed document is a working draft and remains an iterative process leading up to final publication by the end of March.

·         Gives permission for the chair to sign-off the final refreshed plan with executive support from finance and commissioning to agree plan for final publication.

·         Note the identified risks.


Supporting documents: