Agenda item


Nicky Parker, Programme Manager, Urgent Care Review will report at the meeting.


Nicky Parker, Programme Manager, Urgent Care Review and Dr Jeffrey Schryer, Bury CCG Chair provided a verbal update on urgent care which is an important service for the most vulnerable people in the Borough. Challenges encountered are an increasing workload and managing patients and services to fit the needs of the population. So far the services that have been redesigned are extended working hours for GP’s, GP Quality Scheme, expansion of the Green Car Scheme and development of a local integrated service.


              It was acknowledged that all these services are correct for meeting the needs of residents however, Bury residents are not navigating through service integration of the above initiatives and therefore not accessing support that is available to them. Areas pointed out for improvement under the review of urgent care is to improve four hour wait at the hospital, reduce admissions to hospital, make efficiencies and savings in services, redesign and simplify services.


              Members discussed the scope of the urgent care review and it was concluded that all urgent care services would be reviewed these will include; Fairfield General Hospital, urgent treatment centres, walk in centres, GP out of hours, GP extended access, green car and same day emergency service. The aim of the review is to empower and support people to access the correct services. The current schedule for the review is as follows:


§  October – Shareholder Engagement

§  November – Shape what services may look like and gather further information on urgent care in the Borough.

§  December – Determine the pieces of work required to deliver the review

§  January – Engage in a public consultation with the public including Health Watch and the voluntary sector.

§  February/March – Design the reviewed service

§  April – Begin Implementation.


The committee raised concerns in respect of governance arrangements for overseeing the Urgent Care Review process. The Chair of the Clinical Commissioning Review reported that a steering group comprising of clinicians, politicians, Pennine Acute, Pennine Care and the OCO has been established to oversee this process. Further discussions took place in relation to GP screening and in particular the recently published statistics that 60% of people stated they gave up trying to get a GP appointment and attended walk in centres instead. It was reported that GP accessibility as well as a public information campaign will be central to the review. The Chair of the CCG acknowledged that expectations will need to be managed throughout the process this will include highlighting areas of good practice.


The committee concluded with discussions on the importance of having an urgent care service that will support and grow to meet the needs of the growing population and anticipated population from new houses.


              It was agreed:


1.   That the update be noted. 


2.   A further update will be considered at the next meeting scheduled to take place on the 15th January 2020.


3.   Members also agreed that the Urgent Care Review will be considered at further appropriate meetings within the council.