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3G All Weather Pitch Redbank PF Radcliffe

08/09/2022 - Radcliffe 3G Football Turf Pitch

Councillor Alan Quinn, Cabinet Member for Environment, Climate Change and Operations, presented the report which provided details of a proposed floodlit 3G Football Turf Pitch (FTP) at Redbank Playing Fields in Radcliffe together with associated pavilion, car parking and grass pitch improvements, and set out the details of a funding bid submitted to the Football Foundation as well as seeking approval to the overall funding package including expenditure of approved Council capital match funding.


In response to Members’ questions it was noted that ensuring clear soil samples had dictated the placing of the pitch. The Cabinet Member advised he was happy for further consultation to take place and that pricing mechanisms for the facility would be sensitive to the locality.  




1.    Approved the overall 3G scheme package including submission for external grants which (subject to grant approval) will total £2,060,000;

2.    Approved to expend the £500,000 capital match funding that is within the Councils approved capital programme (subject to grant approval); and

3.    Approved up to a maximum of £150,000 from Operations Reserve and S106 Reserve to cover any shortfall in partnership funding. The reserve would be used to meet any currently unforeseen costs which may accrue due to changes in inflation rates or planning conditions (subject to grant approval).


Reasons for the decision:

Development for 3G FTP’s is identified as a priority for Council. The Redbank 3G pitch project has been developed in partnership with the County FA, Football Foundation and Radcliffe Football Foundation. The project aims to maximise external funding and utilises approved capital match funding. This will provide a much needed facility for the community of Radcliffe, supporting the delivery of the People and Communities Plan for Radcliffe and broader Let’s Do It! Strategy of the Borough.


Alternative options considered and rejected:

·         A reduced size scheme with a reduced external grant submission. This has been rejected as it would reduce the outcomes of the project and would be less likely to attract external funding.

·         Consideration of an alternative site to develop the next 3G FTP within Radcliffe or elsewhere within the Borough. This option has been rejected as it is envisaged that it could take up to two years to develop an alternative site proposal with the Football Foundation.