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EHC Process

21/02/2023 - SEND Transport/Travel Assistance - post-19 provision for young people with an Education Health and Care Plan

Councillor Lucy Smith, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, presented the report which set out the measures that the Council is taking to ensure that the policy regarding provision of transport or travel assistance is both legally compliant and continues to meet the needs of those young people who require support in accordance with the statutory duty.



Cabinet noted that following the LGO findings, the Council has committed to review its current policy for transport and travel assistance as it affects post 19 learners. In advance of the review of the full transport policy, the local authority has made changes to the post 19 arrangements and has published an updated statement on the Council’s website.


Reasons for the decision:

The LGO has requested confirmation that the Council is aware of the outcome of its investigation, and of the measures taken in response.


Alternative options considered and rejected

Following the LGO findings there was an immediate need to review the policy and publish updated arrangements. No alternative options were considered.