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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Willow Road, Prestwich – Proposed introduction of No Waiting at Any time restrictions ref: 338014/10/202014/10/2020Not for call-in
Award of Contract for the supply and installation of 2 x Boilers at the Town Hall ref: 337722/09/202022/09/2020Not for call-in
Proposed upgrade of existing signalised junction at the intersection of the A665 Bury Old Road with Heywood Road in Prestwich to feature push button pedestrian facilities ref: 337605/10/202005/10/2020Not for call-in
Proposed upgrade of existing Pelican Crossing on the A665 Bury Old Road near St Margarets Road in to a Toucan crossing ref: 337505/10/202005/10/2020Not for call-in
The government’s £2 billion Kickstart jobs creation scheme for young people opened to business on 2 September 2020 ref: 337414/09/202014/09/2020Not for call-in
Contract Extension- consultant -transformational change for management of Six Town Housing ref: 337325/08/202025/08/2020Not for call-in
Approval of a bid for Air Quality Grant 2021 by Transport for Greater Manchester on behalf of the Greater Manchester Authorities ref: 337212/10/202012/10/2020Not for call-in
Approval to spend £220,356.55 from the allocated and approved Operations Capital Programme 2020/21 to contribute to phase 1 of Bury’s sustainable tennis development in partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) ref: 337116/09/202016/09/2020Not for call-in
Arrangements to cover Curriculum Quality Leader/Business Development ICT post ref: 337009/10/202009/10/2020Not for call-in
Direction Signs for Housing Development at Holcombe Gardens, Manchester Rd, Ramsbottom, A & G Signs ref: 336902/10/202002/10/2020Not for call-in
Direction Signs for Housing Development at Holcombe View, New Road, Radcliffe for A & G Signs ref: 336802/10/202002/10/2020Not for call-in
Gardner Road/Greengate Lane/Clifton Road, Prestwich ref: 336729/09/202029/09/2020Not for call-in
Rectory Lane, Prestwich ref: 336629/09/202029/09/2020Not for call-in
Throstle Grove, Bury ref: 336529/09/202029/09/2020Not for call-in
Public Footpath 103RAM (BETWEEN BURY NEW ROAD AND MANCHESTER ROAD, RAMSBOTTOM) – Temporary Closure ref: 336405/10/202005/10/2020Not for call-in
Proposal to introduce prohibition of cycle movements at two locations in Bury East ref: 336330/09/202030/09/2020Not for call-in
Order for painting, Town Hall ground floor corridors in connection with opening up the ground floor for agile working/hot desks ref: 336223/09/202023/09/2020Not for call-in
Kersal Road/Kersal Vale Road area, Prestwich ref: 336005/05/202005/05/2020Not for call-in
Approval of Supplementary Evidence, Economic Appraisal and Delivery plans for the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan ref: 335930/09/202030/09/2020Not for call-in
Approval of materials for the Public Consultation re Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan- Approval of list of potential sites for rapid chargepoints for electric taxis to be presented for consultation with taxi operators ref: 335830/09/202030/09/2020Not for call-in
Reopening of Ramsbottom, Prestwich and Radcliffe Libraries. ref: 335728/09/202028/09/2020Not for call-in
Reconfiguring the budget associated with a Personal Assistant post to fund an Administrative Assistant and other structural changes ref: 335629/09/202029/09/2020Not for call-in
Six Town Housing Annual Report to Tenants 2019/20 and Springs Tenant Management Organisation Annual Report to Tenants 2019/20 ref: 335524/09/202024/09/2020Not for call-in
recruit a SSW/Assessor on a temporary basis to support the assessment service ref: 335429/09/202029/09/2020Not for call-in
Recruitment assistant post – 12 months fixed term contract ref: 335318/09/202018/09/2020Not for call-in
Following discussion and verbal approval at the Corporate Landlord Board on the 18th August 2020 this is to grant formal approval to award the procurement to repair / replace all of the first floor Town Hall external Balcony Railings as these current ref: 335206/09/202006/09/2020Not for call-in
Approval to set up Catering Hubs as a contingency plan for critical staffing levels in kitchens due to self-isolation or increased sickness levels ref: 335114/09/202014/09/2020Not for call-in
Request is to drawdown some of the agreed Athletics Capital Programme 2020/21 funding to improve the Cinder Track. Bury Athletics Track Improvements and Health & Safety work required to raise and maintain standards of athletics facility provision in ref: 335015/09/202015/09/2020Not for call-in
Extension of employment of GIS/LLPG Custodian Officer ref: 334921/08/202021/08/2020Not for call-in
Extension of employment of GIS/LLPG Custodian Officer ref: 334810/09/202010/09/2020Not for call-in
USE OF OLD BATHS CAR PARK, RADCLIFFE, AS A COVID WALK-UP TEST SITE ref: 334710/09/202010/09/2020Not for call-in
Events Guidance under local COVID restrictions ref: 334621/08/202021/08/2020Not for call-in
Hire of x6 26 tonne refuse collection vehicles up to January 2021 ref: 334528/08/202028/08/2020Not for call-in
Increase hours of the Senior Adult Learning Manager Quality Improvement ref: 334403/09/202003/09/2020Not for call-in
Approval to supply food parcels to children Entitled to Free School Meals if they have to Self Isolate ref: 334301/09/202001/09/2020Not for call-in
To vire £6775 from the Community Climate Capital fund to cover part of the cost for the provision of new enclosures for the air monitoring stations at Radcliffe and Prestwich ref: 334214/07/202014/07/2020Not for call-in
To recruit to two temporary posts in the Integrated Youth Service and increase use of detached workers on a sessional basis ref: 334120/08/202020/08/2020Not for call-in
Livsey Street, Whitefield – Temporary Road Closure ref: 334003/09/202003/09/2020Not for call-in
Order for ‘Hot Desks’, chairs, COVID screens (where required) and remaining decorating for the Town Hall grounds floor offices ref: 333928/08/202028/08/2020Not for call-in
Proposal to return to 3 in a cab working on the waste collection service ref: 333821/08/202021/08/2020Not for call-in
Public Footpath 105, Bury and Non-Definitive Footpath at Warth Fold, Bury – Temporary Closure ref: 333717/08/202017/08/2020Not for call-in
Wash Lane, Bury – Temporary One Way/temporary closure ref: 333626/08/202026/08/2020Not for call-in
Ainsworth Road area – Radcliffe - proposed ‘Growth Deal’ scheme Toucan Crossings x 2 near Greenbank Road and Wilton Lane. Comments on formal objection received following the formal advertisement of the proposed scheme and recommendations to implement ref: 333526/08/202026/08/2020Not for call-in