Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Civic Venues26/02/2021For Determination06/2021
Re-tender of services26/02/2021For Determination01/03/2021
Bury Housing Strategy26/02/2021For Determination21/04/2021
Community Hubs structure23/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Prestwich Village update on planned redevelopment and agreement for acquisition of lease23/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
IT Capital Programme: Cloud Migration Project Update22/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Radcliffe High School Update19/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework Update19/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Ramsbottom Place Management and Movement Plan - Appointment of Consultants19/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Bury Town Centre Masterplan - Appointment of Consultants19/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Radcliffe School17/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
NHS/CCG Reorganisation17/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Decarbonising Council Properties17/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Persona Care and Support Limited Contract Renewal - 10 year tenure April 2021 to March 203112/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Introduction of a Civil (Financial) Penalty Policy and Enforcement Protocol - Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards11/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Retention of Property Advice09/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Persona Care and Support Limited Contract Renewal - 10 year tenure April 2021 to March 203101/02/2021For Determination01/03/2021
2030 sign off25/01/2021Recommmend Forward to Council23/02/2021
Local Council Tax Support Scheme20/01/2021Recommmend Forward to Council23/02/2021
The Council's Revenue Budget, Schools budget,HRA budget and Capital programme 2021-2220/01/2021Recommmend Forward to Council23/02/2021
Redevelopment of the Fernhill Gypsy and Traveller Site20/01/2021For Determination21/04/2021
Update re Bury Council's Draft Climate Action Strategy04/01/2021For Determination21/04/2021
Bury Public Sector Hub/One Public Estate04/01/2021For Determination21/04/2021
Accelerated land sales programme09/09/2020For Determination24/03/2021