Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Radcliffe Hub06/06/2023For Determination12/07/2023
Arrangements for GM Transport Governance31/05/2023For Determination12/07/2023
HR Restructure Update31/05/2023For Determination12/07/2023
Year end outturn finance position31/05/2023For Determination12/07/2023
Refurbishment of the Town Hall31/05/2023For Determination06/09/2023
Boroughwide Transport Strategy31/05/2023For Determination06/09/2023
Mill Gate Shopping Centre and Estate : Joint Venture update and development principles26/05/2023For Determination12/07/2023
Places for Everyone Modifications Consultation22/05/2023For Determination06/09/2023
Manchester Mesivta School - Proposal to alter the age range18/05/2023For Determination12/07/2023
Prestwich Regeneration, Joint Venture - Phase 1 Draft Development Plan and commencement of RIBA stage 3 design for phase 117/05/2023For Determination12/07/2023
Car Club Procurement 202315/05/2023For Determination12/07/2023
EVCI Supplier for LEVI and CRSTS Funding15/05/2023For Determination12/07/2023
Two mental health housing schemes02/05/2023For Determination12/07/2023
Procurement of a new Water Supply Contract27/04/2023For Determination12/07/2023
Adult Social Care Discharge Schemes27/04/2023For Determination07/06/2023
Proposed Neighbourhood Area and Forum for Prestwich23/03/2023For Determination07/06/2023
Bury Corporate Plan Performance and Delivery Report Quarter Four & End of Year 2022-2313/03/2023For Determination07/06/2023
Sale of Former Police Station, Irwell Street, Bury16/02/2023For Determination07/06/2023
Bury Market & Flexi Hall project - enabling works01/02/2023For Determination05/10/2023
Strategic Housing Review11/01/2023For Determination07/06/2023
Budget papers11/01/2023Recommmend Forward to Council15/02/2023
Bury Market and Flexi-hall07/12/2022UrgentFor Determination03/2023
Development of an Onside Youth Zone in Bury18/11/2022For Determination12/07/2023
Appointment of Mayor/Deputy Mayor18/11/2022Recommmend Forward to Council11/01/2023
2022/23 Corporate Plan26/01/2022Recommmend Forward to Council16/02/2022