Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Atom Valley Mayoral Development Zone (North East Growth Location)27/05/2022For Determination13/07/2022
Bury Cost of living support & anti-poverty strategy26/05/2022For Determination13/07/2022
Major projects - Decision Making24/05/2022For Determination01/06/2022
Acquisition of Diocese Finance Board property interests within the Mill Gate Estate16/05/2022UrgentFor Determination01/06/2022
Radcliffe - People and Communities Plan16/05/2022For Determination01/06/2022
Bury Market and Flexihall - property acquisition and proposed revisions to the Council's Scheme of Delegation03/05/2022For Determination01/06/2022
Educational Psychological Service - Financial approval to Council's funding obligation03/05/2022For Determination01/06/2022
Substance Misuse Service Contract03/05/2022For Determination01/06/2022
Gigg Lane03/05/2022For Determination13/07/2022
Q4 performance report03/05/2022For Determination01/06/2022
Relocation of Spring Lane School to Spurr House03/05/2022For Determination13/07/2022
Secondary School Provision in Radcliffe - Financial approval to Council's funding obligation03/05/2022For Determination13/07/2022
Changes to Admission Arrangements for Secondary Schools03/05/2022For Determination01/06/2022
Post 31st March 2022 Hospital Discharge Process14/04/2022UrgentFor Determination04/2022
Children's Services Improvement Programme29/03/2022For Determination01/06/2022
Demolition of Long-term Void Properties09/03/2022For Determination01/06/2022
2022/23 Corporate Plan26/01/2022Recommmend Forward to Council16/02/2022
Bury Adult Social Care housing for those with additional needs vision, strategy and Market Position Statement19/11/2021For Determination01/06/2022