Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Redevelopment of the Fernhill Gypsy and Traveller Site06/08/2019For Determination16/10/2019
Proposed relocation of the stores from Council premises to Unit 6 Bridge Street02/08/2019For Determination04/09/2019
Tile Street Scrap Yard Disposal02/08/2019For Determination04/09/2019
Fire Station Disposal02/08/2019For Determination04/09/2019
Springs Tenant Management Organisation Self-financing Proposals Update02/08/2019For Determination04/09/2019
Uplands - Whitefield Wellbeing Neighbourhood New GP Health Hub25/07/2019For Determination16/10/2019
Corporate Financial Monitoring Report April 2019 to August 201912/07/2019For Determination13/11/2019
Establish a Corporate HR Service for the Council12/07/2019For Determination04/09/2019
Strategic Commissioning Function (Governance of the Integrated Health & Social Care Commissioning System)12/07/2019For Determination04/09/2019
Organisational Redesign of the Council12/07/2019For Determination04/09/2019
Approval of a new physical activity and sport strategy for Bury14/06/2019For Determination16/10/2019
Replacement of Concrete and Steel Lighting Columns, Including LED Lantern Replacement30/04/2019For Determination04/09/2019
Treasury Management Outturn Report 2018/1916/04/2019Recommmend Forward to Council25/06/2019