Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Procurement of a Commercial Electricity Supply Contract and Ancillary Services for Council Premises and Third-Party Organisations01/08/2022For Determination07/09/2022
East Lancs Paper Mill29/07/2022For Determination07/09/2022
CYP restructure29/07/2022For Determination19/10/2022
Report Humphrey house /3KP29/07/2022For Determination07/09/2022
The Council’s Final Outturn Position for 2021/22, the Council’s Financial Position 2022/23 Quarter 1, and Treasury Management Outturn 2021/2229/07/2022For Determination07/09/2022
Relocation of Spring Lane School to Spurr House29/07/2022For Determination07/09/2022
Children's Services Ofsted Update29/07/2022For Determination07/09/2022
Development of an Onside Youth Zone in Bury29/07/2022For Determination07/09/2022
CHD - system response & PH investment paper29/07/2022For Determination07/09/2022
3G All Weather Pitch Redbank PF Radcliffe08/07/2022For Determination07/09/2022
Proposal for new housing offer- 2-4 Crompton Street Bury01/07/2022For Determination07/09/2022
ASC Housing for Adults with Additional Needs Work Programme Update14/06/2022For Determination19/10/2022
2022/23 Corporate Plan26/01/2022Recommmend Forward to Council16/02/2022