Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Telcommunications Equipment at Peel Brow, Ramsbottom17/09/2021For Determination13/10/2021
Future development of Fletcher Fold Bury07/09/2021For Determination17/11/2021
Refurbishment of Ramsbottom commercial premises07/09/2021For Determination17/11/2021
Approval of disposal of land for affordable housing (part A&B)07/09/2021For Determination17/11/2021
Q2 2021/22 Corporate Plan Performance & Delivery07/09/2021For Determination17/11/2021
Treasury Management Outturn Q207/09/2021For Determination17/11/2021
MTFS 2022/23 – 2025/2607/09/2021For Determination17/11/2021
Bury Town Centre BID07/09/2021For Determination17/11/2021
Approval of strategic town centre acquisition31/08/2021For Determination13/10/2021
Approval of brownfield housing development land disposals in Radcliffe31/08/2021For Determination13/10/2021
Commissioning of 13 Intermediate Care Beds in the Community27/08/2021For Determination04/10/2021
Update re the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme and the award of contract27/08/2021For Determination17/11/2021
Funding Bury Art Museum Roof11/08/2021For Determination13/10/2021
Approval of JV terms for Prestwich regeneration project11/08/2021For Determination13/10/2021
Bury Climate Strategy and Action Plan11/08/2021For Determination13/10/2021
The Council’s Financial Position 2021/22 Q211/08/2021For Determination17/11/2021
Treasury Management 2020/21 Outturn09/08/2021Recommmend Forward to Council01/09/2021
Corporate Peer Challenge30/07/2021For Determination13/10/2021
Flexible use of Capital Receipts29/07/2021For Determination12/01/2022
Highway Investment Strategy - quarterly update29/07/2021For Determination13/10/2021
Approval of terms to dispose of land at Wheatfields Whitefield for affordable housing development20/07/2021For Determination13/10/2021
Accelerated Land and Property Disposals Programme - Phase 305/07/2021For Determination13/10/2021
Medium Term Financial Strategy Refresh 2022/23 – 2025/2624/06/2021For Determination13/10/2021
Increasing capacity within the Private Rented Sector Enforcement Team using income from civil penalties22/06/2021For Determination13/10/2021